Monday, July 20, 2015

A mental break

I went to my parent's house this weekend.  It felt like such a short trip. The last time I went was in May (I think) for the Insane Inflatable 5k, and I took Friday off, before that I hadn't been since Christmas.  And last summer when I went, I wasn't working, and then before that I worked in Mt. Vernon and got off at 1 on Fridays, so this was the first time in many years that I worked a full day and went to my parent's afterwards.  We didn't get there until 8:30pm.  And we left on Sunday just before 11am.  So we were only there for almost a day and a half. 

When I was younger and would go after working a full day, I would stay for most of Sunday and get home in the evening.  It seems now, though, that every year traffic gets worse and worse in the summer going over the mountains, and I don't want to sit for hours in traffic going over the pass, so I leave earlier to avoid it (not that 11 is very early).  And I do like to be home and able to relax Sunday evening before going back to work on Monday.  Just one more negative thing about my job. . . (it's an hour south of where I live, so I have to drive north to get Damian and Maddox, just to turn around and go back south to get to my parent's house.  Although, this weekend Damian's friend came with us and he has family that lives about 5 min from my work, so they went there and I didn't have to go back to Mt. Vernon to pick them up.)

Pictures I took
 I did have a good visit.  We went to a park along the Columbia River where there was a swimming area, on Saturday and hung out with my parents.  I had a really good visit with my Dad.  I really, really enjoy sitting outside at their house in the summer, especially in the morning and evening when it's getting cooler.  (Afternoons are too hot.) 

When we came back from the river I sat outside for a little bit with my Dad (I talked to my Dad a lot this trip, it was nice) and enjoyed the sunset. 

The park, and then the sunset.  Pictures on a camera phone
really don't do justice to the beauty of sunsets (or sunrises).
I really think I needed the break away from my world.  I know it's still there, and all my concerns and worries don't go away, but it's nice to take a break from it being in my face all the time. 

The thing that's been on my mind the most lately is my job.  Several weeks ago, I had some troubles at work that really had me questioning whether or not I should stay at my current job.  In a moment of frustration I applied for another job, and then got 2 interviews with this job.  Last week they told me they were checking references and then on Thursday they offered me the job.  (We won't even talk about how frustrating it is to be unemployed for 5 months and not able to find work, and then one application and I'm offered a job.)  Anyway, even though I had some problems at my current job, I still like what I do.  I don't like some things about it, but those things have nothing to do with what I actually do, but is more political job stuff.  The new job was a job that I wasn't terribly interested in doing (chronically homeless case manager), but it's with a bigger, more established company, and better benefits, and a pay raise.  But, like I said, I actually do like my job (similar to mental health court that I was doing before this job), and the political type stuff is getting better.  I decided to turn down the new job.  I don't regret that decision (yet) but it was very, very, very tough for me to get to it. 

It is usually very hot at my parent's house, and I always say I'm going to run, and then never do.  So this weekend I decided I wouldn't run.  I would be home early enough on Sunday to run 7 miles, which is what was on my schedule.  I did my Saturday run Friday before work and was happy with
the decision to run Sunday evening.  It is usually very hot at my parent's house, and I always say I'm going to run, and then never do.  So this weekend I decided I wouldn't run.  Guess I should have looked at the weather report a little better.  It was almost 90 degrees at 8pm last night in Mt. Vernon.  That is just too warm for me.  Funny thing is, I was up before 6am yesterday and was sitting outside enjoying the morning when I thought, this is perfect weather to run in . . . too bad I left all my running stuff at home.  Anyway, I skipped my 7 mile run yesterday and decided I'd get up and run this morning, it wouldn't be 7 miles, but it would be an "extra" run, and then if I did that one more time this week, I would have made up for most of the 7 miles I was supposed to do.  I forgot to set my alarm for a run, but when it did go off, I jumped out of bed and was out the door in 6 min (a record, I'm sure).

If I run Monday-Friday then I will be one mile short of the weekly mileage I should have had if I had done the 7 miles yesterday.  So my tentative plan is to run 3 miles today (done), 3 miles tomorrow (regular schedule), 6 miles on Wednesday (which would normally be on Thursday), 3 miles on Thursday (which is my usual Saturday run), and 3 miles on Friday (extra run), then rest Saturday before my 12 miles on Sunday.  And when I was coming up with this plan, I was thinking Tuesday and Thursday's runs were 4 miles, so I could do 3.5 miles on those days and I would be exactly where I should be, without the long run. And since it was a scale back week, I figure missing the 7 miles all in a row is okay.  It's the really long ones I don't think I should miss (like the 12 miles next Sunday). 

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  1. I'm glad you got a chance to get away to your parents place. And had a chance to unwind. Looks gorgeous!!!!!