Monday, July 13, 2015


Is "swarmed" a word?  Oh well.

As my running increases, I could possibly see that my desire to write about it also could increase.  It's been almost a year now since I've been in a slump running-wise.  I was still running last year in July and August, but I was gradually decreasing the miles to try to ease my foot pain. 

At the end of November when I ran for the first time in 2 months I was elated to go run, but taking a slow approach to increasing my miles, while good for my feet, seems to have affected my desire to go run negatively.  Lately I have noticed that I just don't want to run very badly, even now the thought of running 12 miles in 2 weeks (this next Sunday is a scale back week to 7 miles) does not excite me.  A few years ago when I decided to do a half marathon, the higher mileage excited me.  I was excited to see if I could run 8, 9, 10 miles.  Now it's not as exciting to me.  I don't know why and it bothers me.  I'd really like to get that excitement back.  Maybe once I go over the half marathon mileage it will, I'll be in new territory again.  But after this marathon, then what?  I don't want to be an ultra runner, it seems crazy.  (I've said that before, about a half marathon and about a marathon).

Last week I was a little worried about running 9 miles.  I looked on MapMyRun to find out when the last time I had run 9 miles was (June 2014).  I obsessed about going to get some sort of fuel for the run, I even laid out my clothes the night before and decided what to eat and drink and how early to get up.  Yesterday I laid around all morning, drank some coffee, ate my eggs, and then decided to start getting ready for my run about 10am.  I was almost out the door when I thought "crap! 10 miles, I hope I have fuel!"  Luckily I had some left over from last week.  And off I went. 

It was actually a pretty eventful run, which usually isn't a good thing. 

I did the same route that I did last week, and knew I was going to add a loop that was about half a mile, so I figured I'd just run an extra half mile at the end of the run.  I always end on the same trail and it's 2 miles long, but I usually end at the one mile mark, but if I need to keep going to get the mileage I know that I can.  I don't like adding the mileage at the end because I'm tired and it's a psychological pain to run past where I normally end, but I can do it. 

In mile 5 I thought that I should find a bathroom and remembered that there was one at a park I was going to run past, it was out of my way, but I needed to add that half a mile to my run so I thought I'd take a detour and see if it was enough.  I ended up not needing the bathroom, but the detour was exactly the half mile I needed, so I was happy I wouldn't have to tag it on at the end of the run. 

And then 2 things happened in mile 8.  First a guy walking towards me kept smiling really big at me.  As I got closer he said "you passed me on Divison." I smiled and said something brilliant, I'm sure, and kept running.  The spot I had passed him was in mile 3 and even though I had run 4.5 more miles, he had walked around 3 miles.  Such a coincidence, which I found nice.

Then right before I hit the 8 mile mark I hit something with my hand.  I looked down and saw something fly away, which I thought was a fly, maybe a bee, and then a second thing hit me.  And then a whole swarm of them were chasing me and stinging me.  I screamed, ran faster, screamed, and screamed again.  And then I was falling.  It's funny how things in your mind seem to take forever, but happen so fast.  That fall seemed to take forever, I was probably halfway down and still thinking I could recover.  I didn't, and skidded on my hip and elbow about a foot (or it felt like a foot).  Again, that whole thing where it feels like forever, but is actually only a few min.  As I was laying on the ground I was thinking I need to get up now before the bees really attack, I was probably on my feet seconds after I hit the ground, and was running again. 

Somehow the bees left me not long after I fell and I ran to a grassy area and sat down.  I assessed the damage, I could only feel one sting at that time, but the scrapes on my elbow and hip were pretty bad.  I thought about stopping my run, but decided I could finish.  So after sitting for  few min, I got up and continued running.  The last two miles felt terrible, but when I got home and looked at my splits, the last mile was my fastest one.

I finished my 10 miles and felt badass afterward.  The utter exhaustion I felt last week after my 9 miles didn't hit me this week.  I think it was the late night on the 4th and the early run on the 5th that made me so tired.  I was happy that I was able to function much better this week.  I even cleaned my house.  ; )  I am also less sore today, and other than my hip and elbow, feel okay.  =)  (Oh, and in case you're wondering, my feet are fine.)

When I told a friend that I was attacked by bees, he said "you've been attacked by a dog, by your neighbor, and now bees."  He's right, maybe I should quit running?  Not likely.  =)  (I'm so happy we moved away from those crazy neighbors, by the way.)

Yesterday evening I got curious as to when my last 10 mile run was, so I looked it up.  My last 10 mile run was Sept 1, 2013.  2013!  And my last run longer than 9 miles was Sept 8, 2013, my last half marathon.  It seriously doesn't seem like it's been that long.

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