Wednesday, July 29, 2015

12 miles

Wow!  It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post!  Sadly not a ton has happened. 

Last week I had skipped my 7 mile run on Sunday because of the warm weather.  I decided I would run 2 extra days to make up for it, so even though I wasn't running 7 miles at once, my weekly mileage would be the same.  Well, I ran on Monday and Wednesday, which are usually a rest days for me and then was going to run on Friday, another rest day.  Last week was much cooler so I was running in the afternoon rather than the morning.  When I got home on Friday I was just tired.  I didn't want to do anything and the weather was really muggy, not too warm, but super humid, so instead I skipped it. 

I very rarely skip runs that I don't make up another day, but I just didn't want to.  And honestly, I didn't/don't feel any remorse for it.  I knew I didn't want to run on Saturday because I was going to be running 12 miles on Sunday (yes, I said 12).  So I only ran 16 miles last week instead of the scheduled 19, and I'm okay with that.

Which brings me to my 12 mile run.  On Friday I posted on my personal facebook page that I didn't want to run and needed someone to make me.  My husband's ex-roommate commented that he was going to be running on Saturday and wanted to know if I wanted to go up to Bellingham to run with him.  I had a hair appt and said I couldn't but was going to be running 12 miles on Sunday if he wanted to run then.  I wasn't completely serious because I knew he wasn't going to be running 12 miles, but he responded that he was going to do 70 min at a 9.30 min/mile and if I wanted to join him for that I could.  I said okay, and just figured I'd run however many miles I needed to afterwards to get to 12. 

He said he was going to start in a park in Bellingham (which is north of where I live by about 30 min) and I had been to that park and thought the trail he was going to be on was flat so I thought that was great, 12 miles on a flat trail by the Puget Sound.  HA!  Sure, it started on this flat "trail" (I say trail loosely because it was mostly well groomed, hard packed gravel), but it quickly veered off onto some streets (up a steep hill first) and then we went on another gravel trail through the woods . . . up and down a lot of hills.  Oh, and his 9.30 min/mile looked a lot more like a 9-9.15 min/mile, which in my everyday runs is fine, and even a little slow, but not for a 12 mile run on hills!  However, I couldn't slow down and go my own pace because I had NO idea where we were and would have been lost and not been able to get back to my car. 

Oh, did I mention he was pushing a jogging stroller?  Yeah, we ran up and down hills (some very, very steep ones) on gravel at a 9-9.15 min/mile with him pushing his son.  I was impressed.  And very worried.  Worried for my legs, worried about the last 4-5 miles, worried I wouldn't be able to finish.  Worried!

He estimated his run to be about 10 miles, which sounded about right to me at a 9.30 min/mile, but like I said we were going faster than that and we finished his 70 min at 7 miles. 5 miles on my own in an unfamiliar town after just running crazy hills. 

I ran the rest of the original flat trail next to the water (about a mile) and then ran through the town of Bellingham (which is bigger than Mt. Vernon).  I ran through downtown . . . stores, restaurants, lots of people.  I didn't want to veer off too far from a straight line because I wanted to be able to find my way back to the trail and my car.  =) 

Let me tell you, I don't know if it's the town, because it's bigger, it's definitely a more liberal town than where I live, and I don't know if that is the case, but I got so many stares and even some sneers and nasty looks while I was running through town.  It was strange.  I am used to much friendlier people on my runs.  Even some of the runners I passed looked at me strangely.  It was a different vibe, that's for sure, and mostly very unfriendly. 

But I did it.  I ran 12 miles. 7 of those on crazy hills at a much faster pace than I'm used to.  And my last 5 miles weren't even slower, I continued with the same pace, but it was flat.

Maybe the shirt was the reason for the
 nasty looks??
Ignore the first mile, I accidentally
paused my app and so the mile is wrong,
 it was actually a 9.19 min/mile.
And I haven't been very sore.  My hips are a little sore, but mostly I feel fine.  And the most important part . . .  my feet don't bother me at all.  How fantastic! 

This Sunday a half marathon is on the schedule.  Since I didn't see any in my area that I wanted to do this weekend, I'm just running 13.1 miles.  It will be interesting . . . and I'm definitely not going to Bellingham to run hills for it!  I'm thinking I'll go find some nice flat tulip fields.  ; )
The tulips are gone, but look at how flat that is. =)

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