Monday, September 22, 2014

"Long" run

So you know what my problem has been this summer with posting?  I get on my computer to write a post, and automatically type facebook in the . . . well, I don't know what that area is called . . .you know, where you type the web address you want to go to.  (Boy I feel stupid now.)  Anyway, FB is such an automatic thing that I type that in, and then think, well, I'll just look around a little, and 3 hours later (okay, maybe not that long) I turn off the computer and only later realize I never typed up my post.  This happened just now, although, I realized I still hadn't written my post yet when I closed the computer and opened it back up and got on here.  =)

Anyway, Saturday I had a great run.  I felt fantastic.  I really, really wanted to just get out and run for a long, long time.  (Who would have thought that I would miss running for over an hour??)  Instead of putting on my audiobook, which is what I usually run to, I put on some music.  I decided I wanted to incorporate some of my long run route into my 5 mile route instead of during my normal 5 miles.  I hoped that by doing that it would feel more like a long run, rather than just an everyday run.  And I think I was right.  I ran by the river, and then ended it on the trail that I almost always end my long run on.  It really did feel fantastic.

I don't know if it was the music, versus an audiobook, or the desire to just run, or maybe the fact that I didn't have the jogging stroller, but I started out really fast.  (Well, really fast for me right now, it actually would have been pretty average 6+ months ago.)  I knew I was going too fast, I could feel it, so I tried to slow down, and I did.  I managed to do positive splits for the whole run (which is actually not a good thing).  I thought about it after the first mile, I knew I needed to slow down early, so I wouldn't have the positive splits, but that didn't work.  I was just too excited to be out there running. 
Honestly, I think running too fast was what contributed to me feeling like I actually had a long run.  I was the same kind of tired as I am after a long run.  That and incorporating aspects of my long run into my route, especially ending where I normally end my long run.  It was nice to see that I can still run fast, that I can still have an entire run average to be under a 9 min/mile (8:58 to be exact).

After my post on Saturday about how good I ate on Friday and how wonderful I felt, I realized that we had promised Damian to take him to a movie on Saturday for his birthday.  We read the book (well, a series) The Maze Runner, and loved them, so Damian really wanted to see the movie which came out on Friday.  I love popcorn.  Like really love popcorn.  And I love eating popcorn and licorice together.  I realize it's not that great of a decision food-wise, but we rarely go to the movies, and I never eat popcorn and licorice together (I eat popcorn all the time) outside of the movies, so I decided that was dinner.  And as promised (to myself) I had some wine after the movie. 

I was worried yesterday morning about my weight.  Popcorn (with salt and butter), licorice, and wine . . . yeah, as I was going to the bathroom right before weighing myself I gave myself a pep talk, telling myself that I would be over 150 again, and it was okay, because I will eat better today and the rest of the week.  I was super happy (and surprised) that my weight was 149.0, 0.4 less than Saturday. 

I needed to go to the store yesterday morning and was putting on a pair of capri's that I haven't worn much this summer (not having a job meant I could wear shorts all day instead of having to wear capri's in hot weather).  I had a flash to when they were too tight (can you say camel toe??) and then I thought that was silly, I hadn't gained that much weight.  So I put them on and before pulling on my shirt I looked in the mirror and what did I see?  love handles.  It's amazing what just a couple pounds can look like.  So then I had a flash to when these same capri's were loose on me.  I was having a "skinny day" and after seeing myself in the mirror, I definitely didn't feel skinny any longer.

I struggled all day yesterday with wanting to have a glass of wine while watching the Seahawks play.  I really wanted a glass, I went back and forth all day about whether or not I should.  So I logged what I was planning to eat for dinner in to see if I had any leeway in my calories, and I didn't.  So I didn't have one. 

Speaking of football, yesterday was a good football day, Packers lost, Ravens, and Seahawks won, and the 49ers lost. (Sorry Gwen . . . but not really)  =)

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