Thursday, September 25, 2014

Running naked

My phone died on Monday.  Completely.  It's not even that old, but I dropped it a couple times, and while the drops didn't affect it immediately, it's been a slow progression to dead for a month or so.  It was a little weird to not have a phone on Tuesday, but by yesterday it wasn't strange at all.  Yes, not being able to check text messages is weird and I'm on FB on my phone more than anywhere else, not to mention the games I play (not that many, btw), but I don't really miss it (much), I have a Kindle, that has all the same apps on it, and my computer.  So it hasn't affected me . . . until I decided to go for a run. 

2 years ago, maybe even 1 year ago, I wouldn't have thought of going for a run without something in my ear.  In fact, if my phone wasn't charged, I would have cancelled my run.  I've had my phone die on me while running but I've never ran the whole time without it before.  Yesterday, I ran without anything.  I ran "naked."  And it wasn't bad.  I wouldn't say I preferred it, but I didn't necessarily miss it either. 

Most of the time I run with an audiobook, but I have noticed lately that I don't pay as close attention to it as I used to.  My mind sometimes wanders and I realize I didn't hear the last 5 min.  Same with music, my mind wanders, often I find myself counting my steps between cracks in the sidewalk (I don't know why, I started it to distract me from hard uphills, or just plain hard runs).  I do tend to run faster with music because of the beat, but I don't listen to it (strangely, I don't count my steps when I listen to music).

A few times during my run I wished I ran on more scenic routes.  All of my routes are on busy city streets, not because I like them, but that is what there is when running straight from my house.  Without music or an audiobook in my ear, I wished I could hear the birds, or some sort of nature sounds.  And honestly, I can see myself not listening to anything sometimes while I run.

Have I mentioned that my Garmin died?  I don't think I did.  It died in the middle of August, and while it's still under warranty, I hadn't done anything with it until this week.  So I didn't even have that.  I was truly "naked." 

The only thing I really missed on my run was something tracking how fast each split was.  I didn't really notice the lack of noise in my ears.  I did my normal counting, and my normal thinking, and didn't have any problems. 

I have done very well on my eating for the last several days.  I have stayed in my calories, even on days when I don't run (which is ALWAYS a challenge for me).  I have avoided wine on non-run days, and have been okay at limiting my wine intake on run days.   (On Monday I went to court to celebrate an old client who graduated the program, I meant with my old coworker and we went out to have a glass after court to catch up and then forgot about it {when I say "forgot" I mean I ignored it} so it was more than I intended.)

Yesterday morning I forgot to weigh myself (very frustrated with that) and when I did weigh myself, just before lunch, I had drank a ton of water (not to mention eaten breakfast).  I was a little up (151.0), but after my run I was down to 147.8.  Usually after my run I'm right around the weight I was in the morning before eating and drinking anything (unless I have a long run, then it's less), so that's good.  =) This morning I was sitting at 149.7.

Since pictures are always nice but I don't have any new ones because my phone is dead, here is one of Maddox from a few days ago.  =)

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