Friday, February 7, 2014


Wednesday I forced myself out of the door and to the studio where I used to do zumba to do my first Insanity class.  Last April I got the DVDs and did them for 2, or 3, weeks.  I enjoyed the DVDs, but trying to follow the program completely (6 days a week) and continue running 5 days a week was too much for me.   Anyway, I was really nervous about doing Insanity in a class full of other people.  And I was really nervous about going back to the studio where I hadn't been since August (and before that since April).  I know it's silly, but the studio is pretty small and everyone knows everyone.  I have never been a people person, so I don't know anyone, I used to be a familiar face, but I doubt even one person besides the instructor (who is a huge people person) remembered my name. 

Anyway, I went.  I enjoyed it.  I would like to go back.  And I didn't think the moves were hard or something I couldn't do, I was definitely tired by the end, but nothing I couldn't do. While we were doing one of the jumps, the Insanity instructor (different than the zumba instructor) landed wrong on a bad knee and hurt herself badly.  She had to be practically carried out.  Thankfully, one of the regulars took over the class and we finished it.  But now I don't know if the Insanity class will continue.  Just when I start something . . . Anyway, I suppose I could go to TRX, I did that once and liked it too.  (Same studio)

Yesterday I woke up fine, but as the day went on, my shoulders and back got sore.  By last night I was having a hard time getting off the couch.  Overnight, I woke up every time I moved (I move a lot in my sleep, didn't know this) and everytime I moved I would say "Owwww!" and moan.  Yes, I am that sore.  I knew that my upper body was not that "in shape" but I am really surprised at how sore my legs, especially my calves, are.  I think this means that I need to do this more often. 
I posted on Facebook last night that I was sore from Insanity and tagged the studio, and the owner of the studio commented telling me that I should come on Saturday morning to the "Super90Saturday."  Apparently it's 60 min of zumba and then 30 min of Insanity.  Maybe . . . it's right during the time I like to run on Saturday's though. =(

Yesterday I was planning on doing a short, easy 4 mile run.  I got home and was dressed and trying to get out the door, but my stupid phone wouldn't work properly.  I use it to track my runs ( and to listen to an audiobook or music.  It wouldn't set up.  I spent at least 15 (maybe 20) min waiting for everything to load.  It was 10 min to 4 when I finally was headed out the door when Chris said, "don't forget our tax appt at 4:30."  Ugh!  No way I would get done in 30 min.  I was really, really annoyed about it.  This means I will be a few miles short of 25 miles this week.  Ugh!

Today is 6 miles instead of 5 because of yesterday's missed run.  Tomorrow is most likely 6 again (again because of yesterday).  And I'm thinking Sunday will be 7 or 8, even though that is really too many for me in a weekend, I feel like I need to push myself to get as many as I can.  Next weekend I am going to Long Beach, WA with my extended family and am a little worried about getting all my running in while I'm there. 

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  1. I get sore and tired just reading what you do! LOL