Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh, am I running?

I was bored yesterday so was going to write a post, however, I ended up trying to get some pictures from my phone to my computer, and it took forever, so by the time I got it the Superbowl had started and I couldn't watch and write a post.  Oh well, I never post on Sundays anyway.

The reason I was bored yesterday was because Chris works weekends, which means that I have to record all Seahawks (or other important games) and wait for him to get off work before watching it.  Throughout the season I wasn't extremely careful about avoiding places like Facebook during the games but yesterday there was NO way I was going to accidentally see anything about the game.  So I got off Facebook and turned off my phone around 2:30pm.  Chris called the house phone around 3 and said he was on his way but was about an hour away.  It always takes a little bit for him to get settled, changed and all of us comfortable before starting the game, so by the time we got it on, it was 4:30.  Usually that's no big deal, we can fast forward through commercials and sometimes catch up to the live game, however, with this being the Superbowl we didn't want to fast forward through all the commercials (however, I was kinda disappointed in the commercials this year, only 5 or so stand out to me). 

Anyway, we had decided a while ago that we were going to make our own pizza for the Superbowl, so I got all that prepped before Chris got home (while I was waiting for my stupid phone to send the pictures). Chris made the dough and sauce on Saturday and I just had to roll out the dough and assemble.  I had known for awhile that was what we were going to do, so I decided to eat light for the day so I could enjoy the pizza (homemade pizza is the best).  I had made some guacomole (I am new to the guacomole thing and am still working on a good recipe, any ideas would be great) on Saturday, so I got out my veggies and ate that. 

This was my second attempt at guacomole, I thought my first attempt had too much lime and cilantro, but this second one I probably cut too far back on both to make up for the last batch.  I need to add something to give it a little kick.  I did add a very little bit of Chris's superhot hotsauce, but I don't like the flavor of it.  The recipe I used called for jalepeno's but I forgot to buy them, they might make it better.  Anyway, my veggie and guacomole lunch kept me pretty full until pizza time, which I was surprised at. 
(Looking at the picture makes me think I might do this again today for lunch, especially since I forgot to get some chicken out of the freezer to defrost.)

About halfway through the game I realized that since we were watching it late, and the people across the street were having a party, we would know the outcome of the game (especially if we won) before the game ended.  And of course, I was right, they had a group of people on the street yelling and waving a 12th Man flag causing all the cars to honk as they drove by, and they lit off fireworks.  Thankfully the game wasn't even close and we were in the 4th quarter or so when it actually ended, so we had already pretty much figured that the Seahawks were going to win.  =)

My nails I painted myself for the game. =)
Last week I ran 25 miles.  =)  That put me at 100 miles for January!  I was happy that I made that goal.  Now to figure out how I'm going to do it for February.  I ran one mile on Tuesday and then skipped my one mile on Thursday, so on Friday I had to run 6 in order to make 100 miles.  Anyway, I did it.  I really didn't feel like doing 6 miles on Friday, but I have learned from experience that if I cut my run short and don't make a goal for the month I ALWAYS regret it.  So, I just got it done.  =)
Because I had run so much the last two weeks I decided to rest on Saturday, which is not a normal rest day for me.  I like running on Saturdays because I can do it early and I can go longer if I want, however, I just felt like my body (and foot) was telling me to not go, so I didn't.  I may regret that later in the month when I am trying hard to get to 100 miles again, but I need to remember that I have to let my body rest. 
Sunday I ran 7.5 miles.  I read a quote on Pinterest or Facebook (can't remember which one) that said a run starts when you forget you're running.  I think that is so true.  There are times when I'm running and I'm half listening to an audio book or music, and half thinking and all of a sudden I think "oh yeah, I'm running, how did I get here."  I think that is one of the best feelings in the world.  While I was running on Sunday I was hating life in the first mile (I always hate life in the first mile) and I reminded myself about that quote, how awesome it is to get past the first mile or two and really start cruising.  I may hate life in the first mile, but I always love life when I'm done.  =)
Found it!
Another quote I think about
often in my first mile.