Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Wow, I can't believe I have gone a week and a few days without posting anything.  I started a post on Thursday saying I had nothing to say and was going out of town on Friday, but I was still plugging along with my running and eating, and then I remembered that I DID have a few things to say and never finished the post.  =)  Just lazy . . .

I feel like I should explain this picture.  There is a graphic picture later in the post that I didn't want to show up in your news feed, so I put this one ahead of that one so this is what you would see.  Maddox was very tired Monday morning and fell asleep while I was getting ready (never, ever happens) before I had to go to work.

I have been kind of blah lately and I was getting annoyed with myself.  Then I was thinking about why I was blah, and I remembered that I used to have a slight touch of Seasonal Affected Depression (SAD) about this time of year.  I know it went away for awhile but after thinking about it, I realized that I'm pretty sure I had a little bit last year, and I have been suffering a bit this year again.  It is not really bad, it is very mild, but it does make me irritable and I tend to avoid touch and affection.  This annoys Chris a lot, and I feel bad about it, but I just don't want to be touched.  Anyway, realizing what is going on really helps me.  I don't feel it as much now as I did before I realized what it was.  This happened with my first pregnancy too, I was really depressed and as soon as I realized I was pregnant and that was most likely the cause, I felt a lot better.  (I know, strange.)

Anyway, it just so happens that I was talking to Chris about this revelation last Tuesday when I was home for lunch.  I was getting ready to leave to go back to work when we heard a thunk in Maddox's room and then a delayed crying.  I rushed in there, and Maddox was just sitting on the floor next to the bed in his room (we have a spare bed in his room, it's not his, but it is where guests sleep when they come over).  Anyway, he had blood dripping down his chin and I knew immediately that we needed to go to the ER.  Chris had just taken off his pants to get him ready for a nap, so I shoved him in some pants and yelled at Chris to get a towel.  Chris had to get dressed as well, and as we were walking out the door I got a good look at his chin . . .  It was bad.  It was very bad.  I'm pretty sure it went all the way to his jaw bone.  I almost started hyperventilating, Chris had to put him in the car. 

I got in the backseat and was holding the towel to his face and then remembered I had to call work.  I am surprised they understood me that I wasn't coming back in, but apparently they got the message.  Anyway, Chris dropped us off at the entrance and then parked.  I went inside and before Chris even got in the door, they were taking us to the back.  (I'm pretty sure that means it was really bad.)  We didn't even wait 5 min before the dr was in the room talking to us (thankfully Chris got there before the dr came in). 

The dr was trying to explain the anesthesia and Chris and I were just saying, we don't care, let's do it.  We, of course, had to sign a bunch of stuff before they would even set anything up.  Poor Maddox, it was the worst experience . . . I think it might even top Damian's circumcision (which I wasn't in the room for, but could hear everything in the waiting room).  Anyway, Maddox ended up with 2 internal stitches and 7 external ones.  I have a picture, which is actually probably rated PG-13 compared to what it actually looked like, but I won't share that one.  Just this one with the stitches. 

The day after the accident.

This is him later in the day.  Once the
anesthesia wore off, he was back to his old
self, jumping off the couch and building
 cool lego tracks.  =)
I have much more to talk about, but as this is semi-long already, I won't add my weekend and running to this particular post.  I will just have to post again tomorrow.  =)


  1. Yikes! Traumatic for mom! Glad he's doing well! Have you been able to breath normally yet though????

    1. It was very bad. I am so thankful it wasn't worse. And yes, I think I'm breathing better now, although, he still jumps off everything and that gets my heart stopping more now than it did before.