Thursday, June 15, 2017

Here we go!

So I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I've been very busy the last few months.  Every weekend has brought something new.  It started in April, my dad came for a weekend, then I went over to eastern Washington for Bloomsday, then my Mom was here for a weekend, then I went back to eastern WA for the Insane Inflatable.  The next weekend was Memorial Day weekend, which I spent at home, but worked on cleaning up my yard, lots and lots of work in my yard for the next two weekends, and last weekend was Damian's graduation and party.  But it doesn't stop there, today I am leaving to go camping on San Juan Island and doing the half marathon I've been running hills for on Sunday. 

This trip also includes Maddox's birthday (Sunday) and Father's Day (also Sunday).  Whoever made my schedule for this spring (me) was CRAZY! Oh, and next weekend is Chris's birthday . . . thankfully we are not doing anything big for it even though he's turning 40.  Honestly, I think at this point he just wants a quiet weekend at home with nothing to do.  That's what I would want after the last almost 3 months.

So what has my running been like the last couple weeks?  Almost non-existent.  June 4th I ran 11 hilly miles, my average pace was 11.03 min/mile, which I'm actually okay with.  As I've mentioned many times, this race's hills are steeper than any of the hills I've run, but they are pretty close to the same elevation climb . . . sorta, so I may be okay, slow, but okay.

After my 11 mile run I ran 4 miles on the treadmill on June 7th, 5 miles outside on the 8th, and nothing again until this last Sunday, the 11th.  I had planned on doing 12 miles, but after my crazy weekend I ended up with 8.7 miles.  I planned 12, then changed it to 6, and then while I was running I was headed home and felt good, so thought I'd add a part of a route that I don't really do anymore (all flat) and thought I'd get another 2-3 miles.  I was okay with 8, and then when I got home and saw that I was so close to 9 I thought about trying to add that 0.3 that was left, but decided to just go home.  I did run my long hill 2 times, that was the plan with the 6 miles, but after that it was all downhill or flat.
I don't feel that I trained for this half marathon well.  I didn't go the distances I wanted to go, and I didn't get the hills I would have liked to have gotten . . . however, it is what it is.  I have no runs planned until this Sunday. 

I was going to run on Tuesday but ended up getting home late and had to go birthday shopping for Maddox.  Then I thought I would run yesterday, but as soon as I got home I started looking for and organizing camping stuff and got stuck with that and packing until almost 9pm.  Today I'm working for part of the day and then I'm going home and loading the car and leaving. I'm not going to go running while we're over there, at least not until the race.  I just don't want to put that pressure on me too.

So I'm as trained as I'm going to be.  And I have to be okay with that.  When I ran my first half marathon in 2013, I ran 11 miles at the end of March, March 28th, then got sick and didn't run more than 8 miles for all of May (May 12th).  Then June 2nd I ran 11 miles and did the half marathon on June 15th.  So I think I'll be okay with the distance, it's just the hills that scare me.  A friend of mine told me that he thought I could be ready for a 10k, but at the same time be not ready for a 5k that was hilly, so I guess we'll see if my hill runs were affective.

Okay, Cathy, stop obsessing about it.

Yesterday I was packing, and I got a little panicky about if I had everything.  I was the same way for my full marathon in 2015.  But it's so nerve racking to be going out of town for a race instead of being at home.  I believe I'm all packed, but who knows if I've missed something. I'm probably over packed . . . I tend to do that.  Plus, in this area there's no weather guarantee, so I have to pack for both rainy and cool and warm weather, just in case. . . speaking of, I didn't pack my jacket, but I think that would be too much.  It's supposed to stay in the 60's and that's too warm for a jacket.

Anyway, have I mentioned I started getting massages?  I found out that my insurance will pay for 20 a year, and I don't need a referral.  So I called and scheduled one, and then scheduled another.  She has been really focusing on my back, where I carry all my stress.  But I think once I start gearing up with miles for marathon training, I'm going to ask her to focus on my legs. 

The week of June 26th is the start of marathon training.  I'm already half marathon ready, so starting with my first long run of 10 miles will be easy.  =)  I'm going to continue with hill runs, but probably only once a week, so we'll see what that does to my pace.  It would be cool to get under 4 hours for the marathon, but I don't know if that will happen, and to Boston Qualify I'd have to get down to 3 hours and 45 min. I don't know if I can do that.

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  1. You have been busy!!!!

    No stressing about your have been running and you know as well as I do that adrenaline will pump through you and you will be fine!!!!