Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I have a high school graduate!

My son graduated high school on Friday.  It was a crazy busy weekend, and I'd rather just say it with pictures.
Kindergarten and his last day of high school

He graduated in a class of 365, the entire town where I went to school was 500 people . . . 14 people in my graduating class.

 He ended up with an extra ticket and chose to invite my sister.

My favorite picture of the whole weekend.

 His girlfriend didn't graduate, very long story I didn't understand, but she came to our house afterward to give him a hug.

Saturday was his party . . .

My very first friend from when I very first moved to western
Washington showed up.  He has known Damian since he was
about 4 years old.  (My sister jumped in the picture because he
was complaining he was in one alone.)

All my work friends
Honestly, I had more friends show up than my son did.  They were all "busy" but he said he had a really good day, so that's all that matters.  =)

After a very long 2 days.

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