Monday, June 5, 2017


Yesterday I ran 11 miles on hills.  I know that my route hasn't been perfect, or even great to train on, but it is what I came up with in trying to find hills close enough with a couple long hills thrown in.  I've been wanting to try to somehow superimpose my current running route elevation on top of the one on the San Juan Half website, but I haven't really played with it until today, 2 weeks before the San Juan Half (SJH), and pretty much at the end of my training. 

I didn't really figure out how to make the picture transparent so I could see the other route behind the one in front, but I did figure out that if I moved one, while it was still in the moving phase, it was transparent, so holding it steady and then taking a picture of my computer screen was a little tricky, but I got it to work, very poor quality, but you can kinda see. =)

So to interpret the squiggly lines, the red one is my elevation from my route yesterday, the colored in blue is the elevation profile for the SJH, and the other blue one that goes through the middle is my pace (which you can ignore, I couldn't get rid of it).  The above picture I lined up the feet, so sea level is even.

This one I lined up the starting elevation, to see the elevation profiles against each other a little better.

So as you can see from the top picture, the long hills at the end of the route I'm doing, sorta match up with the same elevation gain overall as the SJH, however, the big elephant in the room is that huge climb at mile 3.  At mile 3.2(ish) the SJH climbs about 120 ft in the air for only a quarter of a mile (that is really, really steep).

I am actually surprised to see that my long hill, is matching up pretty closely to the long hill I've been afraid of in the SJH. 
This is moving the picture so that the hills line up, and the hill I've been running, is actually higher than the hill in the SJH.  This makes me wonder if I will actually be able to do this SJH without killing myself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to be slow.  My 11 mile run yesterday took me 2 hrs 3 min and 6 sec.  My fastest half, a completely flat half almost 3 years ago, was 1 hour 59 min and 47 sec.  My slowest, and most recent half was this past January and that was 2 hours 9 min and 4 sec.  That means that my 11 mile run was only 6 min slower than my slowest half marathon.  =\  Oh well, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish it at least.  =)  I'm planning on enjoying the scenery while I feel like I'm dying. 

This week is going to be CRAZY!  Damian's graduating high school on Friday.  My parents are coming into town on Thursday, Chris' dad and brother are coming Friday evening, and his party is on Saturday.  The very next day we have to clean up and get ready to go camping on the following Thursday.  Oh and don't forget birthday shopping for Maddox, who's birthday is the same day as the SJH. . . and don't forget Father's Day.  Ugh!!  Have I mentioned how crazy this all is? 

Mary Fran, you commented on my last post, so I wanted to respond . . . I've been writing this blog since 2012, and I'm pretty sure I started following you sometime in that same year.  I don't know who followed who first, but I feel it was pretty close to the same time . . . so 5 years, and yes, he is very much not old enough to be graduating high school!!!

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