Thursday, June 22, 2017

San Juan Island weekend

Well, I did it.  I went camping and ran a half marathon.  I'm so glad it's over.  I've had a very busy few months and I'm ready to take some time off to do things I enjoy (like laying in the sun when it's hot.) ; )  This weekend is supposed to be very warm (for western WA) so I'm excited about that.  I should get out the kiddie pool and patch it for Maddox for this weekend (ummm, and maybe for me too).  =)  Damian is going to eastern Washington for his "senior trip" with a friend.  He's going to the Lake house that we go to in August.

So I have a lot of pictures from our trip this last weekend, but instead of posting all 134 of them, I'll just post the collages I did for Instagram.  ; )  And, yes, I will talk about my half marathon, but it might make this post kinda long.

The trip to San Juan Island
At the last minute we found out that Damian's girlfriend was able to go.  We were all super surprised because her stepdad is very, very strict and won't even let her hang out at our house (she's 19, and I don't understand it).  But for some reason she was able to go.

 When we got to the campground it was pouring rain.  Everything was so wet.  It sucks to camp in the rain, but it's even worse when you have to set up in the rain.  There's no way to keep anything dry.  The rain in western WA is not "good" rain, it is not big drops and then it's over, it's a drizzle, it soaks everything, and never ends.  I often compare it to walking through a cloud, because it really is wet (not fog, but a rain cloud). 
 The weather forecast before we left said that Friday was supposed to be scattered rain, and Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be nicer, sunnier days.  Well, Friday was beautiful.  Sunny, warm.  My face got a little red from it.  I expected the rest of the weekend to be just as nice because, after all, Friday was supposed to be the worst day.  Well, Saturday came and it was cloudy and cold.  I was so bummed. 

We went to a state partk and went for a hike and then into Friday Harbor to walk around a little, and then went to go pick up my race packet for the half marathon on Sunday.  At the time I thought it was a good day to be in town and out and about because of the clouds.

And then I woke up on Sunday to rain.  =/  I was so unhappy.  But I figured it would stop raining and the day would be okay.  After all, before we left the weather said Sunday was supposed to be nice. . .  Yeah, that didn't happen at all.  It drizzled all freaking day.  And stupid me, believed the weather report and didn't bring a long sleeve shirt for my race or a jacket, just a light running shirt and a tank top.  =/  Thankfully I did bring my hat, I would have been very unhappy without the hat, I hate rain in my face.  I ended up wearing a cotton long sleeve shirt for the first 3 miles and then gave it to my family at one of the spots they were stopped at.

 So how did I do on my very hilly half marathon?  I did great.  I was so pleased with how I did.  I ran the entire race, all uphills were conquered!  And I finished in 2:09:26, which is only about 20 seconds slower than the half I did in January.  I was also the second female in the 40-44 age range.  Sadly they only gave prizes to the first place people, but I was really pleased with that.  The first place female in 40-44 finished at 1:53:something, so there was no way I was going to beat her.  That is faster than my PR on a flat course. 

While I was running, in the last half, a couple of guys passed me, and then we came to an uphill and they started walking, so I passed them.  They got to the top of the hill and started running again and pass me.  And then on the uphill I passed them again.  They ended up getting much farther ahead of me, and I didn't catch up to them again, but I thought it wasn't fair that they walked so much and was still faster than me. 

So to explain the picture above, the top left picture is the start of the race, it was small, only 64 people total in the half marathon (only 13 total in the full marathon).  The middle right one was my long run treat, a San Juan Island Ice Tea from the Crabhouse.  I love these.  I don't know what they put in them, but I love them. And in the bottom middle and right is me laying on the bathroom floor with my feet up.  I've mentioned it before, but I have found that putting my feet up after a hard run really, really helps.  I looked all over at the finish line for somewhere, but it was all wet grass and very few trees.  So I decided that when I took a shower I was going to lay down and do it.  I figured I was going to shower anyway, so laying on a nasty bathroom floor would be okay.  I did put my jacket down under my head, because . . . well, ewwww.

 Sunday was also Maddox's birthday.  We had been counting down for awhile because he's been excited for it for months.  So when he woke up on Sunday his eyes popped open and he said "it's my birthday!!"  He continued that all day.  Everyone we came into contact with he would say "it's my birthday!"  He was one excited boy.  =) 
 We've been going to San Juan Island since 2009.  Not every year, but regularly.  This year the log that is in the day use area was so deteriorated that it was almost unrecognizable.  (The log is in the upper middle and left pictures.)
We went home on Monday, which ironically, looked like it was going to be a very nice day.  We went back to the Crabhouse and got another San Juan Island Ice Tea while we waited for the ferry.  Everyone fell asleep on the ferry except Maddox and me.

When we got home I had scheduled a massage for 4:45 (We got to our house about 4:20, so I went straight there while everyone else unpacked.  I have to say, I planned that pretty well.  ; )  However, I didn't get a chance to shower or anything before getting the massage.  I apologized, but she was nice about it.  It probably helped that I had showered the day before after the race.  =)

I don't know if I'll go back to this lady.  She doesn't seem to listen to where I want to be massaged.  I told her my legs were really sore, especially my quads.  (Seriously, I hadn't been that sore in years.)  She spent 10 min on my back and 45 min on my hamstrings and saved 5 min for both quads.  I was pretty unhappy, and left still sore.

I want to do some comparison pictures with Damian, but that may wait for another day. . .

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