Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Nope, not yet

Still no running happening here. My ankle feels better most days, and then I have a day like today where I wake up and it aches. The swelling has gone down quite a bit, it's only a little swollen around the ankle bone.

I noticed that it was hurting more in the mornings than later in the day so I  was thinking it was the way I was sleeping.  I sleep on my right side with my left foot on top of my right foot.  My right foot is the one I hurt.  I was trying to lay on my left side so my right foot is on top, but I always roll over and end up with my right foot on the bottom.  So Sunday night I got a pillow and put it at my feet, hoping that it would remind me when I rolled over to not roll over.  And it worked pretty good.  Yesterday I woke up and my ankle felt pretty good.  So I repeated the pillow last night, and I woke up a lot more because of it, but I couldn't find that comfortable spot I had the night before and this morning my ankle hurt more than it has for several days.  The other difference was that I took a bath last night.  I noticed last week that the heat from a bath actually made it hurt more later, but I thought it would be safe almost a week later (today is exactly one week).  That might have been what caused it to hurt more this morning.  I don't know.

I'm rather frustrated about it.  Right after I twisted it I was very upset and may or may not have cried . . . a lot.  But then I thought that it wasn't too bad and I'd be running in a week.  Today makes me worried that I won't be running for another week, or *gasp* 2 more weeks.

When I fell I also scraped my knee.  I cleaned it but didn't have bandaids big enough to cover it, so left it covered for many days.  My jeans rubbed on it quite a lot and bothered it, but I was too concerned about my ankle and not being able to run.  Well, on Sunday it was hurting a lot, and looking at it, it was pretty bad.
I got some bandaids and have been taking better care of  it, so I shouldn't lose my leg to gangrene, but it got a little infected, and was pretty gross. 

I was hoping to do a short run on Saturday or Sunday.  Damian was gone all day Saturday, and Chris works, so I didn't have the opportunity to do it then.  I decided I would on Sunday, but Chris talked me into just going for a walk first to see how I felt.  It's probably good that I didn't run.  I don't think it's completely ready yet.  Although, what I noticed most was my shoe hitting the bruised/swollen area around the bone, rather than anything else.  I guess, the safest thing to do is to wait for the swelling to completely go away.  I keep thinking maybe if I wrap it, it will be okay and I can run.  I haven't attempted it yet, but it's so tempting to try today.  =/
These two were awesome on our walk.  Laughing and playing and running all around.  At one point Damian put a piece of grass in his mouth and Maddox called him a cow.  They then ran around, mostly Damian trying to hit Maddox in the face with the piece of grass that was in his mouth and Maddox moo-ing at Damian.  Then later Maddox got a piece of grass and was trying to do it back.  It was super cute . . . and really funny when he put a dandelion in his mouth at first instead of grass.  =)  There really is nothing that I can think of that sounds better than my kids' laughter. 

Have you heard of TimeHop?  It's an app that accesses your pictures and facebook statuses.  Yesterday morning I decided to see what I weighed because I haven't been feeling the "skinniest" and I needed to see where I was.  150 . . . and then I looked at TimeHop and it had a picture of the scale from a year ago saying 143.  Ugh!   As I type this there is a pineapple/whipped cream pie and some donuts in the break room.  Oh and yesterday a coworker bought everyone Chinese food.  I haven't been able to run for a week, and since last week was a "fat" week for me, and the scale was up yesterday (I didn't look today, Chinese food always makes my weight go up from the sodium) I decided I need to cut back on food, or actually "bad" food.  I had actually made this decision yesterday, but then Chinese food happened and then Damian had his track banquet with pizza.  So today, today I will be good, right?  No donuts, no pie . . . oh, and should I mention the afternoon coffee habit I've gotten into?  I don't like black coffee, I need heavily flavored coffee. 

Good luck, Cathy. . .

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  1. Boo to your ankle still bothering you!!!!!!! I was hoping to hear it was better by now!!!!