Friday, May 20, 2016

Nothing special here

Four years ago when I started running, I mainly started running because of Pinterest . . . well, that is what motivated me to start again.  I also started reading a lot of running blogs.  The first one I found is, which I found on Pinterest.  I started blogging because I was reading so many blogs and I found myself composing them in my head while I ran.  I read mostly weight loss and running blogs. . . okay all of them started as weight loss or running blogs.

Anyway, all that was to say that today, while I was reading a couple blogs that I follow I ran across some posts about an article in the NY Times on a study about Biggest Loser contestants gaining the weight back.  I did not read the article (maybe I will later) but I read the reactions from two different weight loss bloggers, both successful in losing weight, in completely different ways from each other.  The first one I read was from Sean Anderson, here.  He agreed with the article but thought it ended wrong.  You should read what he wrote, it's. . . different.

The second blog I read about it was from Katie at Runsforcookies.  You can read her reaction here.  She had a different take on it.  And I agree with her reaction a lot more than Sean's.  Don't get me wrong, what works for Sean, works for him, but I kinda like Katie's philosophy a lot more.  But everyone is different, everyone loses weight differently, and everyone maintains (or doesn't) differently. 

I have never weighed more than 200 lbs, my heaviest was 188 (after Damian was born, I didn't get that high after Maddox), so I have no delusions that I know the struggles of people that have 100 or more lbs to lose.  I don't think my paltry 30 lbs lost is anything special, but I do like reading about the people that have struggled and succeeded in their weight loss journey.  And I read enough blogs, that I know it's not impossible to maintain the weight loss.  The common theme is mentality though.  Changing your lifestyle for good, not just thinking it's a diet.  That seems to be the biggest key.

So this stupid ankle injury is killing me.  It doesn't hurt much.  It hurts more in the afternoon than in the morning.  Today I've had my ankle on my desk quite a bit and it isn't bothering me as much as yesterday or the day before yesterday.  The swelling is also down quite a bit, but the bruising looks worse.  I don't notice it at all when I'm walking today.  It is almost as if it isn't hurt. Every once in awhile I get a twinge from twisting it strange or sitting on it.  (It's amazing what you realize you do with your feet when one of them is hurt).  But it feels good enough that my brain keeps telling me I'm fine and I should go for a run.  I'm not going to (I don't think) but I really want to.

I forget that it's injured until I see my feet side by side.  My right foot (with the tattoo) is swollen from my ankle and up to my toes a little.  It's definitely gone down though.

This last week Damian was a little more cuddly with me.  He has always been a cuddler, and until about 3 years ago, if we were sitting down, he was on my hip (before he got too big, he was on my lap).  I miss my cuddly Damian, so it was nice that he came and sat with me. 
Of course, then Maddox wanted to sit with me, and take a picture.
I love my boys.  They are getting so big.  What am I going to do next year at this time when Damian is getting ready to graduate high school??  I will be a big mess of tears for awhile I think.