Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Skipped runs and broken rules

I broke all my running "rules" last week.  I don't have many and I wouldn't even call them rules, but just things that I have done for a long time that I continue to do because I have done them for a long time.  The first one I broke was  I didn't run on Tuesday last week.  The last time I didn't run on a Tuesday was November 17th (I looked).  I don't know when this became a "rule," it wasn't that way before Nov. 17th.  Throughout my marathon training last summer and before it wasn't a "rule."

Anyway, the other "rule" I broke last week was that I didn't run on Thursday or Friday.  My rule has been that if I don't run on Thursday I "have" to run on Friday.  Last week I skipped both days.  In fact, I only ran 3 times last week. 

I skipped my run on Tuesday last week because I had a hair appt.  Normally my hair appts are on Wednesday, but she wasn't open on Wednesday last week, so I had to go on Tuesday.  I did run on Wednesday, but then skipped Thursday thinking I'd just run on Friday.  On Friday I decided that if I ran 8 miles on Saturday I'd still have the same amount of miles as if I ran all week because of Bloomsday on Sunday, so I talked myself out of running on Friday. 

And then Saturday came, and Chris works on Saturday, but that's not normally a problem. . . However, Damian was supposed to umpire for a baseball game on Saturday morning, so then I'm thinking there's no way I'll get a run in.  But, I broke all my rules for the week and needed to run.  I tried to pawn Maddox off on the neighbors, but they weren't available.  So I strapped him into the jogging stroller thinking I'd just do 3 or 4 miles and take him to a park. 
Then, as I was settling him in, some neighbor kids rode by on their bike and suddenly Maddox wanted to play with their brother, who is about a year older than him.  So I took him over to their house, and was able to go on my run, alone.  I ended up not doing 8 miles, but I did do 7 miles.  I wasn't sure how far I was going to go when I started, but it ended up being 7 miles, which was fine with me. 

Sunday was kind of a perfect day.  I was awake before everyone (surprise, surprise) and read my book and watched some TV.  I even went outside for a little while and had a tiny fire.
The house woke up about 10am and Chris took the boys grocery shopping so I didn't have to go. That was nice, because I hate grocery shopping.  However, while they were gone, I did clean the house a little and started laundry . . . just because Mother's Day happens doesn't mean that everything gets to stop.  =/

After sitting around in the sun reading my book some more, we went for a walk.
He was so excited for the ducks.

 Overall, it was a good Mother's Day . . . oh, and I skipped my Sunday run. 

So this week I've already broken a "rule."  I went running on Monday, I never run on Mondays. I haven't been running on a Monday since August 10th and I'm pretty sure that was because we went to Deer Lake on that Sunday and I needed to do a long run for marathon training.  Yesterday I ran because I slacked off so much last week.  I still ran 19 miles last week, but I skipped a lot of runs.  If I'm going to run the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll half next month, I need to quit skipping runs.

So today I'm planning on running only 3 miles, and 5 on Thursday, and 9 on Saturday.

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  1. I love your rules and reasoning! It so sounds lien something I would do!!!