Tuesday, August 18, 2015


My vacation last week was fantastic.  It was extremely relaxing and I wished I didn't have to come back.  In fact, Chris tried to get 2 extra days off (I already had requested Friday off) but he was unsuccessful, so we had to come home on Thursday.  We did a lot of sitting on the lake, by the lake, at the lake, and a lot of not much else.  Damian requested we go bowling one day, so we did.  And we got ice cream at a place my dad suggested.  And that's the only time we went out.

We did start the week at my parent's house, we were going to go boating, but when we got to that lake (a different one than the one we stayed at) the boat didn't work, so we played in the water, and visited.  I was a little worried about the house we were going to, because it's my aunts', uncles', and dad's house, and they (other than my dad) are hoarders.  But it wasn't bad.  It was cluttered, and definitely hasn't had a good cleaning in awhile (the vacuum didn't even work) but we spent most of the time outside, so it didn't matter that much. 
My first morning

 I spent all of my mornings in that position above.

I spent my afternoons and evenings in this position.

The only thing missing was my wine
 Sunset on the last day

such a good looking kid

Chris and Damian enjoying the last sunset from the water
My last morning.  =(
The first morning, Monday, I was sitting on the porch, drinking my coffee (look at my 2nd picture) and I decided I really did need to do my run.  Up until then I had decided not to run.  It was "only" 10 miles, a scale back week, so I thought it probably wouldn't hurt me to not run.  And then I suddenly decided I needed to run.  I was awake, it was cool enough . . . why not?  So I ate, drank water, and went for a 10 mile run.  It was a little hilly, but it was good.  And I felt badass for running while on vacation (something I don't think I've ever done). 
My halfway point
I was about half a mile from the house (at the end of the run) when suddenly a big dog came charging at me.  Not in a friendly way.  Teeth bared, ears back, growling and barking.  I thought I was going to get attacked.  The last time I had dogs come after me I didn't know what to do.  I looked down, put my hands up, kinda turned so I was in a submissive posture (or so I thought).  After that, I talked to my sister and she said she yells at the dog and says No! or something, trying to be more aggressive. So this time, that's what I did.  I screamed NO!! stomped my foot, and screamed NO!! over and over.  The dog backed off before it got to me, but was still very aggressive towards me.  I backed up, screaming NO! and stomping my foot.  It stayed put, but as soon as I turned around to start running again, it came at me again, so I faced it and did it all over again, while backing up, away from it's house.  I kept hoping the owners would come out, but they never did.  Eventually the dog went back to it's house and I finally turned around and started running again.  It was a scary experience.  I don't know why I run.  ; )
After my run, getting ready for the sun.  =)

 I did run one more time while there.  The last run was only 3 miles.  I turned a different direction (I didn't want to go past the dog again).  But about a half mile down the road it turned to gravel and then another quarter mile it said Dead End, but I decided to just go to the end of the road.  I never made it to the dead end, but it did get a little creepy.  Very wooded, with trailers and houses that you'd find in almost any horror movie. 
Halfway point
I made it back without finding any children of the corn, or ax murders. =)

On Thursday we decided to go the scenic way home, which was a good 2 hours or more longer.  I don't think I'll go that way again, even though it was pretty. 

When we got home we saw this.
Our neighbors had decided to mess with us.  I seriously love living next to people that are nice.  ; )  But seriously, this is way, way better than being attacked by a neighbor.  And I really do like my neighbors.  =)

I ran again on Friday and then a long run on Sunday, which I will save for another post because this is long. 

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  1. Looks like an awesome time!!!!!!

    You are definitely bad-ass for running and braving the vicious dog!!!