Monday, August 31, 2015

Another longest run ever

I didn't write anything last week . . . and I had a 16 mile run. The week just got away from me.  So I guess I'll write about last week's 16 miler and have to write about this week's 12 miler later.  ; ) 

16 miles.  Remember my 15 miles the week before?  Well, I decided to do the same route and just add half a mile out before turning around to make 16 miles.  I don't know if you've followed the news, and I don't know how much of it has made news outside of WA, but there have been some major fires here.  Not very close to me, but last weekend (August 23) the wind had carried a lot of the smoke to western WA, and it was especially bad on Sunday when I do my long run.  I worried a little bit about the quality of the air and if it would cause problems, but I needed to do it, so I left.

I should back up, I am going through about 2 packets of those Honey stingers a long run (well, I started with the 15 miles) so I need to go buy more every week, I should look them up on Amazon and see how much a box would be.  Anyway, on Saturday when I went to go get the Honey Stingers from the running store, I asked them about liquid fuel.  I didn't like the Gatorade very much, especially the sugar aftertaste.  They didn't carry anything, but they said that they really liked Nuun.  No sugar and you put it in water to dissolve and has a mild taste.  (Have you heard of Airborne? it looks just like that.)  They said that it was only at one of the grocery stores here, so even though I don't shop there (too expensive) that's where I went. 

I didn't feel that the way I had fueled while I ran was very good during my 15 mile run.  I felt dead towards the end, so I thought maybe I was too inconsistent with it, or not often enough.  I decided that starting at mile 5 I would take 3 honey stingers every 2 miles, and I would take sips of the Nuun whenever I felt like it. 
Nuun nutrition facts
I really think the sodium in these drinks is good for me.  When I don't have them, I want to lick the sweat off my arm after my run and I always crave really salty foods. I didn't have that feeling much last week (or this week).  The Nuun didn't taste great, but it had no sugar after taste like the Gatorade.  I did notice a bit of a chalky taste to it though, but it wasn't horrible.  I do crave water after awhile, I've noticed, but the only water fountains on my long run route is when I am 2 miles and half a mile from home.  But I stop, fill my water bottle and go on.

Anyway, thankfully the smoke didn't affect my run.  At the halfway point of my 15 mile run I stopped and took a picture, it's on my last blog post, but when I got to that same spot on this run I had to take a picture.  Both days there are no clouds, no fog. 

 I wish I had taken both pictures exactly the same, but in my defense I was in the middle of a long run, I wasn't thinking completely clearly. ; )  Anyway, they are at the same spot in the road. 

I thought maybe the run felt better than the 15 mile run because I knew I could run that far.  But after thinking about it, I really think between the Nuun, and eating the Honey Stingers every 2 miles, that was what helped.  Oh, and I purposely started out slow.  I tend to start too fast.  This time I purposely made myself slow down, even when I felt I was already going really slow.  I think it all worked well.  I was not nearly as tired at the end of the run as I have been at the end of all my other long runs.  I still wobbled a bit at the end of my run, but it didn't feel as bad as my 15 miler. 

And, my last mile was my fastest one.

I did come home and crash on my couch for about an hour.  But overall, my longest run ever, went better than all my other longest runs ever.  =)  Yesterday (Sunday) was 12 miles, easy.  And this next Sunday, 18!  Another longest run ever.  I feel very proud of myself, but each new distance makes me super worried.

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  1. Great job with your long run!!!!!! I am glad to hear that you have possibly figured out your fuel for these long runs!!!!