Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Leash your dogs!!!

Let me tell you about my Thursday run last week.  It was very uneventful, until the very end.  I end about 98% of my runs the exact same way.  I go through a quiet cul-de-sac area and then onto my road for the last couple of blocks.  I run this way on purpose, the cul-de-sac area is a gradual downhill and I like ending my run on a downhill.  Makes me like running more. =) 

Anyway, I was about to the end of the cul-de-sac area (it's not really a cul-de-sac, but similar) and going to turn onto a busier street that I run on for a block before turning onto my street and home (another 2 blocks), so I was very close to home.  I noticed that the corner house leaving the cul-de-sac area to the bigger street had a lady standing outside with a dog (looked similar to a collie) on a leash and two grey pitbulls running around without leashes.  I like dogs, I have a small one, and grew up with a farm dog.  I don't have a thing against pitbulls, I know they have a bad rap, but I honestly believe it depends on how you raise the dog (any dog). But 2 pitbulls without a leash outside, on the sidewalk I was about to run on, yeah, not my idea of a good time.  So I moved over to the middle of the street and started walking.

The dogs saw me, and charged at me, one circling behind me, with the other in front of me.  Perfect attack positions.  And they both jumped on me.  I looked down, avoided eye contact and put my hands up (I didn't want them to bite my hands).  Oh, and stopped walking.  I didn't know what to do.  The dog behind me bit my jacket, but didn't get me.  The lady with the other dog on the leash was pulling at that dog and screaming at the other 2.  They finally left me, and I continued to walk past the house.  I am so happy nothing else happened.  I am so happy I wasn't a child, or there with my child.  I turned the corner and ran home. 

When I got home, I called the police.  My biggest pet peeve is dogs not on a leash.  I wasn't harmed, they didn't even tear my clothing, but I was attacked. I felt the lady needed some sort of "talking to" by someone "in charge" about having her dogs on a leash.  (Actually I think she dog-sits them, I've only seen them once before, and I know they have another dog, I pass its very sad, very neglected face in the fenced part of the yard everyday.)  I think an officer went to the house and talked to the lady.  He also said he would file a report with animal control.  But I don't think anything else did or will happen, and I'm okay with that.  Just as long as no one gets hurt.  And maybe, if there's a next time, she'll apologize to the person the dogs jump on (yes, I got no apology, she didn't say one word to me).

Cute as a puppy.
Still cute . . . but bigger.
Anyway, that is my "big" running story.  Very scary for me.  I was nervous about running past the house again on Friday, but I did.  And then I did 8 miles on Sunday and didn't run past the house.  Today I probably will.  I need to remember to take my pepper spray.  Chris asked me why I didn't spray the dogs, and I told him I didn't have it.  But to be honest I don't think I would have thought about it.

I figured out the big weight loss of last week.  I don't know why I didn't think of it before.  Today I stepped on the scale and up again to 147.4.  I was frustrated, upset, sad.  I ate fabulously yesterday, definitely a 2lb weight lose day, right?  Nope, up 0.4lbs.  And then I used the bathroom again before going to work . . .

Anyway,yes, I lost about 3 lbs in a week, no, I don't think I lost 5 lbs in a week.  I always weigh less the week before my period starts.  And my period started today.  Ugh!  a 144 weigh in is not going to happen tomorrow.  =( 

Another great day of eating today.  So far zero sugar, and that's good.  =)


  1. wow, that was scary! Glad you are okay! (p.s. my link on your blog roll is old because it's not going to my new url:


    1. I cannot figure out how to change my blog roll, Gwen. I'm sorry, I love your page and would love to share it better.

    2. Cathy....then just remove the old one, and add the new one as a brand new blog to follow. That should work, and thanks so much! :)

  2. I think the apparent disregard and apathy of the dogs owner/handler is the most appalling thing! Apologize and be upset...and to the owner of the dog? Seriously, yelling at an animal does absolutely NOTHING!

    1. I agree, Merry. After I got home and calmed down and knew I was uninjured, the lack of an apology from the lady with the dogs was what made me the most mad.