Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When did I become old?? and goals

A couple days ago I was running, along one of my favorite trails is a pond . . . sorta, it's probably a sewage thing, but it doesn't smell and there are ducks and goldfish that live there, so I'm not sure what it is.  Anyway, next to this pond were a couple of teenagers, the girl on top of the boy, completely clothed.  And I think, they are too young and need to stop doing that.  The girl sees me and immediately gets up and they start talking as if nothing was happening. After my initial response I had a flashback to being a teenager with my boyfriend (now husband).  How many times did we have completely inappropriate "cuddling" in public, or semi-public places?  When did I start looking at teenagers and think that they are way too young to be doing that sort of thing? 

When I look back at my life, I was doing things that I would KILL my son for doing, and I was doing them at 14.  He's 13 . . .  that's a year 6 months away.  I snuck out of my house a lot at 15.  I look back and think about how old I thought I was.  In reality, I was a little kid.  I knew nothing.  I wish I hadn't done those things.  My poor parents, to see their 15 year old daughter sneaking out and making out with my boyfriend, how terrible.  I hope that my son is a better person than I was.  I can't say that I hope I raised him better than my parents, because my parents were very good parents, there are definitely things that I have changed in my parenting style, but for the most part I try to follow their example. 


I am thinking of setting some goals for my running.  I don't know what good goals are though.  I know one for this week is to run up the horrendous hill on my favorite trail.  It's not the same hill as my Sunday 4 mile run, it is much shorter (4 mile run hill is a longer term goal), but it is still almost straight up, with a gradual incline just before, so it's hard.  Yesterday I was able to run up the gradual incline to the bottom of the horrendous hill.  I was going to say "by Friday I will run all the way up the hill" however, I just remembered that I'm going to my parent's house this weekend, so no run on Friday.  So by Monday I will run up the horrendous hill. 

My parents live in the country in e. WA on the top of a hill on a gravel road.  So any running I do there will include running uphill.  I will have to run uphill in order to get back to their house.  I don't know if I'll have time on Sunday to go for a run.  I know I won't have time on Friday, I'll go to work and then race home to get Maddox and Damian and then leave immediately (it's a 5-6 hr drive, depending on how many stops I need to make).  Sunday I won't have to work, but my parents will want me to go to church with them, so I don't know.  Maybe I'll go to church and then go for a run and then leave.  My sister is going with me, so it also depends on when she wants to leave.  I may just have to take 2 days off this week. 


Anyway, back to goals . . .
  1. Run up Haggen Hill (i.e. horrendous hill) Completed Monday 4/2/12
  2. Run entire 3 miles Completed 4/10/12 
  3. Tulip Run/Walk Completed 4/7/12 1:28
  4. Run up 4 mile hill Sunday hill by ??? May 1st?  Do I think I can do that? 
  5. *Run up HH every day for a week Completed Tuesday 4/10/12
  6. *Run entire 3 miles under 30 min.
    *New goals added 4/3

I keep forgetting that I'm planning on walking in the Tulip Run this year.  I am walking because my sister is planning on going with me and she doesn't run.  I would really like to run, but I'm willing to slow down for her.  I guess I will just have to wait till next year and run then.  I have looked up other runs in this area and it doesn't seem like there are a lot.  I don't really want to travel to Seattle (at this time) to go to a "race."  Especially for my first one.  How scary! The Tulip Run is either 2 miles or 5 miles.  I'm not up to 5 miles yet, and 2 miles (now) seems so short.  So it's probably a good thing that we're just going to walk. 

In other news . . . I want this shirt!

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