Saturday, March 24, 2012

Am I a runner?

Heading to D's wrestling tourney this morning.  It's a beautiful sunny day.  Here's another entry from my journal.  I know, lame, but oh well.  This one is from March 21 and 22

I am fabulous!  I did not have a cupcake in the break room at work.  I love cupcakes.  I love donuts, I love cake, i love cinnamon rolls (which I have at home and DID NOT eat).  I ate a banana, and am now chewing gum.  I rock.  :-)  I sat at the staff meeting and didn't touch the brownie bites that were in front of me for most of the meeting.  I have a major issue with baked goods, and those brownie bites . . . they are YUM!  I usually have enough for 2 regular brownies. 

So I found something out about myself yesterday.  Even though I have only been running for 3+ weeks, I am slightly obsessed with it, and really, really need to go run almost everyday.  I didn't run on the 20th, and I knew I needed to yesterday.  I was thinking about it all day.  I woke up to snow, but by lunch time it was sunny and beautiful.  With W. WA weather though, it may not last (snow, sun, rain, clouds often in an hour).  So after work I had to go get D and take him to baseball, however he forgot about baseball and decided to go to gymnastics instead.  When I was plannign to take him to baseball, I decided I was going to run on a trail I've never been on close to where he practices, so when he decided to go to gymnastics instead, I was a annoyed because I didn't know where I was going to run, plus, gymnastics is 15+ min away and baseball is 5 min away.  Chris had been home all day and wanted a break from Maddox, but I REALLY wanted my run.  Get home from dropping D off and while screaming at Chris, I'm thinking this is crazy! I'm never going to get my run in, so I just left.  And oh my word!  I had the best run ever!  I went 2.5 miles in 29 min (which isn't a fab time, but that's not what mattesr right now for me).  I ran most of the way, I did stop and walk up the huge hill and then again to just catch my breath on the trail, and again going downhill because i get terrible shin splints when I run downhill.  But I got home, and felt soooo good.  I was on cloud 9!  I apologized to Chris, finished rolling the pizza dough out and just in general had a muich better night.  I did not realize how badly not running affected my mood.

Although it also might have been from being hungry.  I have been STARVING. I have been trying to stay within 1500-1900 calories, and it's HARD!  At lunch time I realized I only had 500-900 calories left in the day so I didn't want to eat anything else because I still had dinner to eat, and hopefully some sort of snack.  Then we had homemade pizza and putting the recipe into Sparkpeople (I screwed up on the serving size) I realized that 2 pieces of the pizza still gave me a few calories left over at the end of the day, even though I had 2 girl scout cookies earlier.  So yay me! 

I guess all this just means that yesterday was a really good day.  And today . . . I feel fabulous.  I had to drive to Sedro Woolley for work and it was beautiful outside.  All I could think about is what a great day to go running.  Does this make me a runner?  I obsess about it.  I hope it stays beautiful.  I really can't wait to get off work to go running.  :-)
So I'm thinking of starting a blog.  This already sorta sounds like one, probably because I've been reading Runs for Cookies so much.  I find myself narrating my life in my head.  I want to put some sort of status on FB, but really, my narratives are too long and silly to go on FB.  So maybe a blog would be a good thing.  Probably no one would read it, but it would get it out of my head.  :-)  I started this this morning first thing at work and it helped my drive to Sedro Woolley, I didn't have it stuck in my head narrating away.  I've already thought of a couple names . . . Just Living the Dream (a Convoluted and Crazy Dream) or Narrations of a Normal Life (Normal being relative) . . . or something like that.  I'm leaning toward Narrations of a Normal Life, although for some reason I really like the Just Living the Dream because that's always what Chris says. 

 I read something recently that said if you're going to start a blog, you want it to be original and something people would want to read.  Who would WANT to read anything that goes on in my head? I don't really want it to be a 'weight loss" blog, and no way in the world would I make it as a "crafty" blog or "cooking" blog.  So it would be really, really boring probably.  I am pretty crazy in my life now, so maybe someone would be interested in looking at it.  Although, when I was browsing through blogs yesterday I was looking for something that caught my eye right away and really didn't find anything. Maybe I'll look at others and see what they have to offer.  What catches my eye and makes me want to read them.

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