Thursday, June 9, 2016

Still healing

I went for another run yesterday.  I am not sore again today.  I am happy with this.  For the month of June, one week into June, I have run a total of 6 miles.  It is not ideal.  It is not where I'd like to be.  BUT I am running. 

I think when I run often, when I am building miles, or thinking that I HAVE to run in order to stay at the weight I am and not gain anything, or just generally used to running all the time, I forget how much I like it.  Before this injury I would struggle every scheduled run day with wanting to go run.  I have never really experienced a runner's high while I am running.  By the time I've run a long distance, I'm just tired.  My runner's high comes after my run.  It is an awesome feeling to run a long distance . . . after I've run that long distance.  And now, after a 3 mile run, I feel awesome again.  Maybe I feel awesome all the time, but because I run often, I didn't associate that feeling with running.  Now that I haven't run for 3 weeks, that awesome feeling is back and it's just taken me till now to realize it's because of running that I have it. 
I feel better about myself when I run.  And I am happier in my everyday life.  These are things I need to remember when I am running regularly again and debating whether or not I want to continue.  I do.  I need to.  For my sanity.  For the sanity of my family.  For the sake of my budget (I can't afford new, bigger clothes.)

After running I needed to clean Maddox's room, it was awful, and my Mom came to town yesterday.  She stays in Maddox's room when she's here, and you couldn't walk in there at all.  After that I iced my foot and went to bed.  This morning my ankle isn't bothering me at all.  I even decided to put some heels on.  And then immediately took them off again.  Yeah, my ankle is definitely not ready for heels. 

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  1. Woo hoo on another great pain free run...and an even bigger yay for the reminder about why you run!!!!