Monday, January 18, 2016

Nookachamps 5K

I've been slacking on writing . . .  At first nothing was going on, especially worth talking about, and then the last week has been pretty stressful.  Last Tuesday my car had problems on the way to work and I had to limp home.  Luckily I was only 5 miles out of Mount Vernon.  Thankfully my car made it home, and thankfully for really awesome friends I was able to get to the bus station and Maddox to his daycare.  And thanks to awesome parents, I have a temporary car. 

My parents came over with a car from their farm that I am going to be borrowing for a few months.  It is my aunt's car, and she may be willing to sell it to us.  That might be ideal.  I was already wanting to buy a cheap second car to use around town, mostly for Damian, but with our current car problems, that was looking unlikely.  This way we could possibly buy my aunt's car, which is 10 years old, but in excellent condition, and down the road get a nicer car for myself to drive to work. 

Anyway, I ended up running 47 miles in December, and already have run 42 in January. I ran the Nookachamps 5k on Saturday.  I thought about doing the half marathon, but did not train for it, and didn't feel I could.  Then I was going to run the 10k but with the stress of this week and my parents ending up coming over, I only did the 5k.  I did this race 2 years ago and remembered it was hard, but also remembered it being hard because of the wind.  I forgot about the first 2 miles being mostly uphill and the majority of the last mile on a trail of sawdust.  Remember, I live in the western Washington, where it rains all the time, so sawdust becomes a soggy messy.  It was killer on my legs.  My first two miles were 8:05 and 8:04 min/mile.  My last mile was 8:26, and I'm lucky I was that fast.  Anyway, my official time was 26:13, which is not a PR.  Nor was it good enough for any age related awards.
 Other than the fact that I did it, it was cold, a little windy, and hard, there is nothing much else to talk about the race.  =)
I almost didn't do it. But then I thought how silly, the first month of the year and I'm already thinking of giving up on my goal of doing a race a month for my 40th birthday.  Granted, it was the 4th race, but the first one of 2016.  I finished it.  But I'm having problems finding one for February.  There are several on Valentine's Day weekend, but that is also President's Day weekend and my family (parents and sisters) always goes out of town that weekend.  The only one I can find is a "Polar Plunge" with a race before it, and while I don't think I have to do the "plunge" part, I'm completely not interested in it.

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  1. Kudos to you for your miles for the month of January AND for doing the race to keep your streak of one a month going!

    Sorry to hear about your car! HOpefully it works out that you can purchase this car for your family!!!!