Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I've been running for almost 4 years now.  I've been attacked by dogs, bees, and neighbors.  I don't think I've ever fallen, other than when I was "attacked" by bees, until last night. 

After work I went for a run, I've been thinking I should increase my mileage again.  I gained some weight over Christmas/New Year's and I'm really unhappy with it.  My fabulous size six pants aren't fitting very well anymore and my Mom wants to take my sister and I shopping soon (she always takes us for our birthdays and Christmas in February).  I lost some weight marathon training and was doing really good at staying at that low number until Christmas. Now I can't seem to stay away from the chocolate. Anyway, I thought maybe if I increase my miles I'll get back down to that magical number of 140 and my pants will fit again.  So instead of 3 miles last night, I decided to do 4.  It's a route I've done for years, it's almost routine, I don't have to think about it . . . but I don't think I've ever done it in the dark.

I was feeling good, about a mile away from home, and suddenly the sidewalk came up to bite me in the hand, elbow, hip, and knee.  I wear a headlamp when I run in the dark and I usually try to pay attention to the sidewalk, but last night was rainy, and a little chilly.  That combined with the dark made the headlamp not as useful.  The light shines on the raindrops and my breath when I breathe out, that combined with it being an extremely familiar route and not being very diligent, I just didn't see the small crack sticking up in the sidewalk. 

After I fell, I laid on the ground for a little bit assessing what hurt.  Knee, hip, hand all felt scraped and bruised, but nothing broken or sprained.  I thought about how to get home, but I was a mile away, on my way back, so I got up, looked at my hand, which was bleeding, and finished my run.  While running home my elbow was bothering me, when I got home it continued to bother me.  It felt like I hit my funny bone but it wasn't going away.  I had no scrape or noticeable bruise on it.  I was a little worried about it, but it was fine this morning.  My knee hurts the most, my hand is starting to bother me, and my hip is definitely bruised. 


I was reading one of my posts from this last summer and it brought up something I've been thinking about lately. 

I was an extremely active kid, I played basketball (loved it), tennis, volleyball and was a cheerleader in high school.  I would have run track, but my school was so small we didn't have a track team.  Anyway, as soon as I graduated and went to college I quit doing everything active.  I gained the "freshman 5" which was actually 20.  And then I had a kid and gained some more.  I lost a lot of weight in my 20's because of ephedrine, but that was taken off the market and I gained weight back.  I read once that kids that are in school sports don't usually continue to stay active once they leave school.  But kids that are active outside of school sports tend to carry that into their adult years.  I know that was exactly the case for me. 

Anyway, Damian is extremely active, in school sports, but not so much outside of them.  When he is not in a sport he tends to get lazy, lazy as in doesn't do a lot of physical activity.  I guess I don't want him to gain weight, or at least not as much as myself or his dad has . . . or more, as he gets older.  So I bring it up, how it's good to be active outside of organized sports, how it's important to watch how much you eat, what serving sizes really are, and so on.  When he got his job at Carl's Jr, a fast food restaurant, I mentioned that he was going to gain weight.  He's not playing any sports right now, and he's a teenager and will eat the food he's around.  Well, now I'm worried I'm creating an eating disorder in him.  This sounds so bad.  I'm ashamed that I've said anything to him about his weight.  He is a healthy kid, active and doesn't eat a lot of junk, although he drinks a lot of soda (which is horrible on his teeth). 

I've noticed that when he works in the evening he comes home and says he's not hungry, but he swears he didn't eat at work.  So I guess I'm worried that he's going to become anorexic or something.  I just want him to be healthy, and fast food is so fattening.  I'm just winging this parenting thing as I go along, and he has such a horrible influence (food-wise) in his dad, well, I wasn't very good when he was younger either.

Maybe I need to have another talk with him.  I tell him all the time that he is not fat, not even a little.  But, I know that my comments about him gaining weight have affected him (by the way, he has not gained weight, at least not any that is not attributed to growing up).  He's not fat, he's not overweight, he's not even a little chubby.  He does have a stocky build, but there is no extra weight on that boy.  I need to be a better parent. . .
I love this picture. He's such a good kid.  I am lucky.

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  1. You sound like a fabulous parent. One that wants the best for their kid and one that doesn't want their child to follow in the negative aspects that you have done (falling out of the habit of exercise after school). What you have to remember is that you are modeling a healthy lifestyle right now for him. He has seen you at a higher weight and at a lower weight and he has seen the work that you have put into being fit and healthy. That is the most awesome that cares AND models what they are preaching!