Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I cannot believe I haven't written anything since November 9th.  Wow!  An entire month without a post.  I don't even know where to begin.  There was even a holiday in there . . .

Did I ever post a picture for my age group award for my marathon?  I don't think so since I haven't posted anything since Nov 9th.  Anyway, this is what I got for being 3rd in my age group for the marathon.
I like it a lot even though I don't drink beer.  I have been using it for water.  =)
Well, I guess I can tell you I cut way, way back on my running.  November saw a grand total of 36 miles.  This is after a summer of running more miles than I ever had before.  There is no specific reason why I cut back so much.  At first it was to let my feet heal, and then it's been mostly because I've been lazy.  I don't want to run after work in the dark, I'm too lazy to try to unbury my treadmill in the garage, so I do 3 mile runs about 2 times a week, then I'm trying to do a little more on the weekend, but the last 3 Sundays I haven't done a "long" run.

My feet are okay.  No pains, and I can run, I just haven't been.  I keep telling myself to go do it because I'm going to gain weight, but I don't.  And luckily I'm not gaining weight.  Although I haven't weighed myself for about a week now.  But the last time I did I was in the 140-141 range.  I don't know when I got to be such a wimp.  I used to run in the wind and rain all the time, but lately it's been so windy, I don't want to go out.

When I saw the low numbers for November, I thought I need to run more, but I am still not running a lot.  I have run 11 miles in December so far and that's it.  It's been so windy lately.  Yesterday I "needed" to run and didn't want to so I asked Chris if he would try to unbury the treadmill.  When I got home I was surprised to see that not only had he unburied it, he had moved it closer to the outlet in the garage. The garage lights don't work very well, and sometimes flicker off and on, so I thought I'd just run in the dark with the door open, but I forgot that my treadmill doesn't light up, so I couldn't see how far or fast I was going.  I have been watching Breaking Bad (I'm only on Season 1), so I decided to run until the end of the show I was currently watching.  I set the treadmill on what I thought was 6.4 and just ran.  I had 8 or so min left of the run and was just at 3 miles, so I sped the treadmill up so I could get the 4th mile done, which I did.  It was not my fastest treadmill run, and it's hard to watch Netflix on my phone while running, but I finished it. 

So in November I ran the Fowl Fun Run 5k.  I didn't think I'd be too fast, but I noticed that as I was getting close to the turn around spot I was pretty close to the beginning and not very many women were passing me going back.  I finished in 25.07, and when I got back to the gym they had tables loaded with (what I thought was) prizes, so I decided to stick around for the awards and see if I got an age award.  I got 3rd in my age group, but all I got was a ribbon.  =/  They had given everyone a raffle ticket as we crossed the finish line, so I decided I'd stick around and see if I won a raffle prize.  2 hours later I was ready to go.  I was just headed out the door when they called my name.  So I got a mug (which I like a lot).

So then we had Thanksgiving.  We went to eastern WA and hung out with Chris's family on Thanksgiving day and then my family most of the rest of the weekend.  It was nice to get away.  My parents had lost power 2 weeks before when a tree blew over on their line that leads to their house.  They didn't have it fully restored yet (most of it, but sort of limited) and their cable was out, because the tree also took out their direct tv dish.  And on Saturday night the lights went out for the whole "neighborhood" (they live in the country, so the "neighborhood" is my cousin's house a quarter mile away, my uncle's house 2 miles away, and a gas station 3 miles away).  We had a very quiet evening talking.  I enjoyed it quite a lot. 
Thanksgiving day at Chris's family's

I even got a short run in.  I was going to go only 2 miles, on Friday morning, but felt so good I did 3.  However, it was cold over there, 14 degrees with snow on the ground.  I left 40 degree weather, and don't really run in the cold in western WA, at least not freezing temperatures.  The one pair of cold weather pants I have to run in, are a size large from 2 years ago, and they were big then, now that I'm a small, they fall off.  =(  So I layered up in some of my mom's clothes (she's still a large, but her pants had a pullstring) and went for a run.  I did have some gloves and my headband that covers my ears, so that was good.  I really enjoyed my run actually.

Last weekend was the Skagit Jingle Bell Run, which completed the series of 3 races that I was doing for the holidays.  I knew I was very close to the beginning for that one.  I could see 2 females ahead of me, but thought there was a group out of my eye range and didn't know if there was any females in that group.  I passed the 2 girls (they were both young) in mile 2.  When I got to the finish I heard the announcer say "and here's our second female finisher!" So I knew I was second overall female.  =)  I have had a cold for a week now, and it was chilly out, but I wanted to stay for the awards to see if I got anything.  I got a medal . . .

Sunday I was up early and worked on decorating the house, and cleaning.  Then we went tree hunting.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Damian got a job!  He is working at Carl's Jr. which just opened in our neighboring town of Burlington.  He is liking it, which I'm happy about.  But I think he's liking the idea of a paycheck (which he hasn't gotten yet).  Sunday after getting the tree, he had a "family night" at his job.  Since it's a brand new store and hadn't opened yet, they opened it to family to give the workers practice. 

So that is my November and first weekend of December in a nutshell.  Hopefully I write again before Christmas.  If not, have a Merry Christmas!


  1. Look at the top three finisher list consistently! You rock!

    Sounds like you have been busy and doing just what your body needs. :-)

    1. Thanks, MaryFran. I have been surprised lately with being in the top finishers. :-)