Saturday, November 15, 2014


My life has been a little crazy and I haven't been on here for a long time.  I will try to be better, but unfortunately I can't promise anything right now.

I've slacked off quite a bit on the Insanity.  It just so happened that the week we moved was the "recovery" week but I didn't do the Core Cardio and Balance workout that week, but I did a lot of packing, lifting, carrying boxes and so on.  I ended up losing 3 lbs that week from all the activity, however, after that week I didn't get back into it.  I was unpacking and trying to arrange everything (which I'm still trying to figure out the pictures {we have a lot more wall space here, and not enough pictures to cover it all}) but I wasn't doing the manual labor like the week before.  I did one day of the Max Plyometric workout, but nothing since.  Which means 2 weeks of no exercise and 3 weeks of no Insanity.

During the week I took to move, I noticed how fantastic my feet were feeling so I kepp thinking I'll start running again, but I did tell myself I would take a full 2 months off  (and do Insanity) and it does bother me now and again (especially the last 2 days).  I feel like this time I should rest it until it's 100% again.

My old supervisor had plantar faciitis for over a year (even having to wear a cast).  I asked her the other day how long her dr. recommended she continue resting even after all the pain was gone.  She said 2 months.  That's 2 months after all pain is gone.  Ummmm . . . yeah, I don't think that will be happening.  Of course, my old supervisor wasn't a runner (yet, she has since started running) and obviously her dr wasn't either.  But I will wait longer than I did a year ago, which was only about 6 weeks.

It is hard to wait.  It means I will completely skip fall running, which is my favorite season to run.  I miss the paths with the leaves and the cool crisp air, but I'm trying to avoid another year of battling PF and I would like to run a marathon in 2015.

Sio not running, skipping Insanity, and not eating as well, I'm back up to 150 lbs.  And actually, when I was doing Insanity I wasn't seeing the results I thought I would.  There just seems to be something about running that works, it leans your body out and gives the appearance of being skinnier than maybe you really are.  It was noticeable when I went shopping with my sister, who exercises just as much as me, but doesn't run.  She actually weighs less than me, but I wear a smaller size than she does. 

Our new house has a full attic, and a full unfinished basement.  I don't know how long we will be here but if it's longer than the 6 month lease, I want to make the basement into a gym.  Of course, in order to do that, I have to get a job first!

Which brings me to . . . no job.  Still.  I'm beyond frustrated.  I completely expected to be working by now.  I've had an interview for almost every job I've applied for, but no offers of a job.  I don't know why I don't get hired . . . maybe I suck at interviews?

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