Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I ran!!

I ran 2 miles!  You heard me . . . or read me . . . right!  I ran 2 miles.  They were slow miles.  They were on the treadmill, but they were running miles.  Something in me yesterday just said I'm going to run.  I've read several other blogs of people that have or are dealing with plantar faciitis, and they all are running, slower, or less mileage, but still running.  I gave myself 2 months, and decided I was going to do it.  I decided to do it on the treadmill because it was a dreary, drippy day (in the Pacific Northwest, the rain is often more "drippy" than rainy) and I would have had to take Maddox in the stroller. 

I honestly felt I could have run forever, but I knew that I have to start slow and careful with my feet.  I smiled the whole time I was running. 

Yes, my treadmill is in the garage.  We haven't had the opportunity to move it to the basement, but it was set up nicely.  I was able to put my computer on the dryer (yes, the dryer outlet is in the garage, but the washer is in the house . . . it's a pain in the neck). 
Afterwards I couldn't stop smiling.

Even in the shower I was smiling.  I kept repeating in my head "I ran 2 miles"  "I ran 2 miles." 
Maybe it was a small thing, but I felt awesome about it.  I felt like I had run 10 miles for the first time again.   And this morning I felt like I ran 10 miles.  =)  I am sore.  I am surprised at how sore I am.  Especially my calves, which is the most surprising to me.  I realize I haven't run in 2 months, and I haven't done Insanity for a month? three weeks?  but I didn't expect to be sore.  I guess I just didn't actually think about it.
I did wonder if I'd be able to run 2 miles, I thought maybe I'd be back at square one and have to run/walk, but I didn't.  I wonder if it's because I ran on the treadmill and not outside.  The treadmill is so much better at keeping a certain pace, and I definitely didn't want to go too fast.
An acquaintance of mine is very, very involved in lifting.  It is an interesting story to me.  When I first moved to Mt. Vernon and got a job here, I was working directly across from the biggest gym in the area, and I decided to join.  They had a "women's only" area and that is where I spent all of my time.  Anyway, a couple times I saw this girl on the elliptical and on the treadmill.  She was a very heavy girl but she was there often.  A few months later I went to the Nazarene church and saw this same girl playing the drums in the worship band.  She did not stop going to the gym and lost a lot of weight (I don't know, I asked once and she said she didn't know, she doesn't really care about the scale).  We became "friends" on Facebook, but haven't really talked much in person. 
Anyway, somewhere along her journey, she became a lifter, and I didn't lose any weight, stopped going to the gym, and then started running and lost some weight.  She is also a drummer, she does concerts, plays at the local theater, and is an actual music teacher at a high school.  She found her perfect type of workout called Pound and opened a studio. 
All of that was to say that I am going to her free class tomorrow morning to check it out.  I decided I need to take going back to running very slowly.  As much as I want to go jump on the treadmill again today, I feel like maybe I should take a break.  So no running today, no running tomorrow, and maybe I'll run on Friday (okay, let's be honest, I'm running on Friday). 
I meant to mention yesterday, and forgot, that my weight has stayed pretty steady.  Yesterday morning I was exactly 149.  I am okay with that, maybe not happy, but keeping steady and not gaining is a very good thing.

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