Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Good news . . . mostly

I have good news.  I finally got a job offer!  I'm so happy to be working again.  I don't actually start until next Monday, they didn't want me starting this week with the holiday.

The bad news?  It's an 8-5, M-F job in Everett, which is about an hour south of where I am.  I am definitely not excited to be commuting again (I commuted over an hour one way when I lived in Lynnwood for many years, and then when I moved to Mt. Vernon I was working in Seattle, and that was a 2 hour commute one way for 6 months).  I am also not thrilled about working 40 hours again (my last job was 30 hours) . . . but we NEED me to be working, and in reality, we really do need me to be working full time.

I will be doing something very, very similar to my last job, which is good because I knew my last job, but I was really hoping to go back to working with kids.  So while it is extremely good news that I have a job, I am not overly excited about it.  Plus, the logistics of only having one car and me having to take that car to Everett everyday, and having Damian in school in a different town, where we now have to pick him up every day . . . things will be interesting here for awhile.  I'm hopeful that we can get a new car, or get my (really, really old) Toyota up and running sometime at the beginning of next year.

I'm also worried about how that will affect my running.  I don't wake up in the morning to exercise, I've tried it, and I just am not able to force myself to do it more than once. So that means that most likely I won't get home until 6pm, and then I want to run, so I won't be out and about until 6:30ish (dinner time) and home after 7pm . . . Chris is going to be so mad at me all the time for that.  Thank goodness for my treadmill, I think we will be best friends for awhile with this job.

Chris and I were going to go to a beer and wine festival on Saturday that I had seen advertised a few months ago.  Chris got the day off even.  Then Damian told me on Thursday (I think) that he had his first robotics competition of the year in a town fairly close on Saturday.  I was glad Chris would be able to go because he didn't get to go to any last year.  We didn't stay for the whole thing because we had plans but it was fun. 

Their robot is the one in the bottom of the arena, says "DogBot 5920."  The robots have to release those balls in the center by knocking over a "kickstand" and then pick them up and put them in tubes to get points.  Four robots compete in 2 teams, they randomly pick the teams for each round, so you could be on a team with one robot and then the next time you compete, be on the opposite team as the same robot you were just teamed up with.  (I hope that makes sense.)  You can't touch your robot while it's competing, but between the rounds you can make repairs and adjustments. 
Chris was talking to a friend of ours and found out that she was going to the beer and wine festival too, it was at her work, but she wasn't working.  Then she said that tickets were $50 at the door.  I had seen online that it was $70 per couple, so Chris called the place and asked, and they said the $70 was only for online and online tickets were closed.  We ended up not going because we just couldn't justify $100 ($70 was pushing it).  So we went to our favorite beer and wine bar, and had dinner and drinks.  Afterwards we went for a walk along the boardwalk that they just remodeled.  It looks so fantastic (of course I have no pictures). 

We aren't doing anything exciting for Thanksgiving.  We have some friends that are coming over for dinner and the Seahawks and 49ers are playing.  Unfortunately, they are playing at dinner time (one of our friend works so we have to eat later).  But we will record it, like we always do, and watch it after dinner . . . probably with some drinks and maybe play a game.  I'm borrowing a game called Cards Against Humanity, I've heard it's super fun (dirty, but fun). 
I hope you all (Americans) have a great Thanksgiving! 
It's been 2 months since I ran.  I told myself I'd rest 2 months, I think I'm going to break out the treadmill this afternoon and go for a short (1 or 2 mile) run and see how I feel.  I'd run outside, but with Maddox and the rainy day we're having . . . I just think I'll try the treadmill.  I'm a little excited about it.  Here's hoping my feet hold up!!

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