Thursday, July 7, 2016

tracking issues

I have been "tracking" my food for 270 days, according to The thing with this is that I log in to track my breakfast, that's usually the easiest, eggs, creamer, milk, and coffee, and don't always do my lunch and dinner. But it's just to keep my streak going.  I'd like to get to one year of tracking.  But I'm not really tracking what I eat.  I log in, to log in, I put in my breakfast, sometimes in the late evening, just so that I don't lose my streak.  I very rarely track any snacks that I eat, or afternoon coffee I may drink.  IF I put in dinner, I usually put in the glass, or two, of wine that I drank, but then if I happen to have more before bed (weekends usually) I rarely track that. 

Why do I bring this up?  Because since I haven't been running, I've gained some weight.  I currently sit at or just below 150.  The end of the summer I was sitting really, really close to 140, which is really where I'd like to be.  I felt fabulous there.  I do not feel fabulous at 150.  I can look at 270 days of tracking and think, why am I not at a fabulous weight?  I'm not eating too much.  But the truth is, I probably am. 
Sunday's diary, I logged breakfast
but nothing else.
For example, for breakfast on Tuesday I ate 2 hard boiled eggs (tracked), 2 cups of coffee with creamer and milk (that I measure everyday to equal 2 servings of creamer per cup of coffee, and about half a cup total of milk, which is tracked).  For lunch I ate 1 left over pork chop (tracked), 1 hard boiled egg (tracked), and one small banana (tracked).  That sounds like a pretty good breakfast and lunch, right?  On paper it looks good.  What I didn't track was the biscotti my coworker gave me when I got to work or the banana bread my supervisor made and left in the breakroom.  If I put those two things in, my calories go from 549 left for the day, to 253.  253 calories is not enough for dinner, even if I don't drink any wine. 

I am not running, or moving, enough to keep my weight down where I'd like it if I continue to eat the way I have been.  I track meals, but not much else.  And the in-between food is the food that is not that good for me. 

Where am I going with this?  Well, when I started the post, I was thinking I'd challenge myself to tracking Every. Single. Food. that enters my mouth. But honestly, I don't know that I'm that committed. I also don't know if I'm that committed to quit eating so much.  I think what I need to do is eat better, well, and less, but mostly better.  Fewer snacks at work (that's the killer), less coffee breaks in the afternoon (that's gonna be impossible), I've already cut back on wine in the evening so that's good.

I decided to go put in every single thing I ate on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was thinking about this post on Tuesday, so I decided to eat the way I normally do, then yesterday I was going to try to be good, but still not obsess about hitting the calories.  Want to know the result? It's not pretty . . .
I ended up eating more yesterday, on my "good" day, than Tuesday . . .

Seriously, I just want to run.

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  1. You'll be running again soon!!!!!

    I used to always track like you mentioned...breakfast and nothing else....but I know I lost weight when I track I've been doing better... (My accountability partners are told yes or no if I tracked!)