Wednesday, September 9, 2015

That time I broke into a church

This last weekend was crazy.  It was Labor Day and we didn't have plans, except that we canceled our yard sale we were going to have the weekend before and rescheduled it for this last weekend.  And in true procrastinator fashion we put off getting ready for it. 

I went out for drinks after work on Friday evening and when I got home we watched a little tv.  About 11pm Chris decided to go to bed (late for him because he works Saturdays) and I was annoyed.  I'm sure it was the drinks, I had a glass of wine after getting home and that, on top of what I had while I was out made me a little buzzed.  I was annoyed because nothing had been done with our stuff and Chris was working in the morning and I was forced to set it up all alone and do the yard sale alone.  In true buzzed/girl fashion, I blamed Chris in the moment and he went out to the garage and started . . .well, I don't know what he was doing, I thought he was being an idiot (I'm not saying I was right, just what I thought in the moment).  I told him to go to bed, we got in an argument and then I ended up canceling the yard sale again and moving it to Sunday.  Chris's schedule changed the first of Sept and he now has Sunday and Monday off instead of 3 days in the middle of the week. 

So Saturday was a beautiful day.  Sunny, warm, but not too hot.  I felt guilty for not having the yard sale, but thought, that's okay, we'll do it tomorrow and it will be fine.  And then sometime in the middle of the night I woke up to the sound of very heavy rain.  And then woke up at 6am to rain. Great! rain. 

We set up our 1 canopy and tried to clean out half the garage and put stuff in the garage and under the canopy.  It was horrible.  I think maybe 3 people stopped.  It was supposed to clear up in the afternoon, but I wasn't planning on being out there all morning and afternoon. 

I will pause to say, I went for a run about 12 on Sunday afternoon, but I will get to my run in a min.

We made no money at our yard sale and even though I said I wasn't going to, I decided to put stuff out again on Monday.  We were already set up with stuff on tables, so I figured it wouldn't be as difficult to get it going.  I was right.  We did have more people come by, but it was pretty slim.  Still didn't make much money and I still have a garage full of stuff.  I'm going to Leavenworth with my sister this weekend but Chris said he was going to put stuff out again on Sunday.  His only day off (he's doing overtime right now).  It made for a busy weekend, and a little disappointing.

For whatever reason, I have not wanted to run. The only run I've been really wanting to do is my long runs, and even those are hard for me to go do because I'm so nervous about the new distances.  My middle of the week runs have been extremely hard for me to go do.  In August there was not one week I ran the entire number of miles I was supposed to.  I was 15 miles short of what I was supposed to be for the entire month.  And the middle of the week mid-long runs, yeah, I still have yet to do one over 7 miles.  Even last week, I skipped the 9 miles I was supposed to do on Thursday and ran 5 on Thursday and 3 on Friday (a normal rest day). 

Like I said, though, I have been diligent in doing my long runs on Sunday.  Even on my scale back week while I was on vacation, I still ran 10 miles (on Monday).  So on Sunday I had 18 miles scheduled.  I don't mind running in the rain, and have actually looked forward to my first rain run, but I did not want to run 18 miles in the misty rain that was happening Sunday morning.  I put it off, and put it off, and put it off.  Finally about 11:30 I decided I just needed to go do it.  So I slowly, very slowly, got ready.  Then I realized that I should probably eat something, I had breakfast, but that was a little while ago, and I was headed out for a 3 hour run at lunch time.  So I ate an egg and got out the door about 12pm.

The beginning of the run was hard for me mentally.  I was worried about 18 miles, what if I couldn't do it?  Then I was bargaining in my head, maybe I'll just do 9, maybe just 10.  Last week 12 miles felt fantastic, maybe I'll do 12.  At some point I told myself that if I was going to do 26.2 in just over a month, then I needed to do 18 miles and I needed to shut up and just run.  (By the way, there is a fantastic blog called Shut Up and Run, you should check her out, she's hilarious.)

I followed my fueling plan of 3 Honey Stingers every 2 miles starting at mile 5, plus the Nuun in my water bottle.  And honestly, I think it worked great.  At about the halfway point I felt great.  Thinking about how much farther I had to go, and it didn't scare me.  This was the third time I'd run that route and I knew I could finish it.  I was feeling great. 

I had about 5 miles left, I was feeling great, I was at 13 miles and I ate 3 Honey Stingers, took a swig of Nuun, noting how much I had left (not much) and suddenly it hit.  I had to use the bathroom.  I had to use the bathroom NOW!  I was just getting back into town, to my right was a couple farmhouses and on my left was a nursery, wait, are those restrooms near the offices of the nursery? Yes!! Saved!

Walked across the street, and guess what, locked!  Ugh!  Then up ahead, there was a church.  Churches are nice places, it's Sunday, there's a few cars in the parking lot, they wouldn't turn away someone who really needed to use their bathroom, would they??  I ran to it, and pulled on the front door.  Yay! it was unlocked.  I went inside and it was dark and quiet, it smelled like food, so I wondered if they were having an after church potluck or something.  I called out "hello" a couple times and was looking for the office.  I didn't see an office, but a men's room! yay, that means a woman's room was close.  Around a corner and there it was!  Saved.  I snuck in, did my business and left.  No one ever saw me. 

I finished out my run "easily."  Mile 18, yeah, it was an average 8.47min/mile.  Yes, after running 17 miles, I pulled out a 8.47 min/mile.  I felt great. =)
And then I got home.  And I sat on the toilet for almost 3 hours.  I'm serious.  Everytime I got up, I felt the urge to go sit down again.  It was terrible.  Honestly, terrible.  I didn't get to enjoy my long run treat, an awesome red velvet bundt cake.  Chris got pizza for dinner, which I did eat one piece of, but very carefully.  ; )
I don't know if it was the Honey Stingers, or just because I ran 18 miles.  It was awful.  And such a horrible way to end a great long run.  I also wondered if I didn't drink enough water.  I did a lot of research while sitting on the toilet, and dehydration can lead to diarrhea.  But "runner's trots" is common, I read that 30-50% of long distance runners suffer from it and it's most common in females.  Great! 
This week I'm headed to Leavenworth and it's "only" 14 miles.  My sister wants to leave early on Sunday, so I should have some time when I get home to run.  However, it's also Seahawks opening day, and I want to watch that as well.  

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  1. Ok, I have to admit...I giggled at you 'sneaking' into the church facilities! :-)