Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th

Yesterday I spent a bunch of time trying to catch up on blogs I've gotten behind.  I found 2 quotes that I really liked in regards to the new year and goals/resolutions.

"I don’t think life is patterned in yearly segments, but I am looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings. I hope you are too." Kenlie from All the Weigh on her end of 2016 post.

I really believe this one.  I don't understand why people wait till Monday to start, or wait till January 1st.  Today is a much better day to start!  And not just in regards to goals, but also in regards to life.  January 1st is not much different than December 1st, the biggest difference is the number of the year.

"The secret to attaining goals is to realize there will be mess-ups and faltering steps but to not throw in the towel.  Regroup and move forward!!" MaryFran on Jan 2nd, 2017 from Believing in Myself

I don't believe in resolutions, I think they're silly.  Lots of resolutions are made for the beginning of the year, and almost as many made are broken before January is even over.  Goals are different.  You're working towards something, and just like in life there are ups and downs in achieving a goal.  There's never a straight path to getting where you want to be.  Accepting that you'll screw up is healthy and good, just as long as you don't give up.  This applies to everything, not just weight loss and running. 

Over Christmas I went a little crazy with the sugar and the candy.  I can't deny it, it was ridiculous.  Also, I may have mentioned before, but I have also started an afternoon Starbucks habit.  I have been spending about 3 days (it used to be 4) a week doing work at a Starbucks.  I absolutely love this time, it's very nice, but I don't like black coffee.  I like sweet coffee, so 3-4 times a week I have been getting a (at least) 370 calorie drink in the afternoon.  (My two cups in the morning from home is about 225 calories, that's 2 cups.) 

Anyway, Christmas.  Yeah, lots of candy.  We bought a ton of candy for Halloween, and I decided rather than eat it all, I'd put it aside and save it for Christmas.  Of course, by that time all the favorites were gone, so when Christmas came, of course we had to buy our favorites again.  So leftover Halloween candy, plus Christmas candy, plus homemade fudge, plus my sister's amazing chocolate covered cherries and pretzel/rolo thingies, and cookies, and peppermint . . . oh the peppermint!  Needless to say, when I weighed in on the first I was up.

I decided after New Year's that I would put away the candy (make my kids eat it) ; ) and the wine (I can't believe I added wine to this list) and the Starbucks coffee for awhile and see if I can lose this pesky weight.  Oh, and just in general tighten up my eating a little more.

Damian also asked me if I could start making my "green drink" again.  In that post that I linked, it's the first time I mentioned it, actually maybe I called it "green monster" the first time.  It's almond milk, spinach, blueberries and (if I remember) cinnamon.  I quit making it a few years ago because my blender broke.  We were on vacation and Heather, the girl that lived with us for awhile, broke the glass part.  Well, I replaced the "pitcher" (what is that called?) but didn't realize that she actually threw away all the pieces, not just the glass and I've never bothered to replace those pieces as well. 

Anyway, I have a temporary solution, that works, just not as well as the blender I'm missing, so I bought the ingredients for my green drink and have been making that.  I've heard that taking protein is good when lifting weights, so now I'm adding a protein powder, which is actually pretty good in my drink.  I'm only drinking that on days that I lift weights.  It might be a good recovery drink for after my long runs, we shop on Sunday and long runs are Saturday, so I haven't had the opportunity to make it yet after a long run.

Last week I wasn't as good with my coffee, and I had 2 glasses of wine 2 different nights. (I have to have wine on Hair and Wine Wednesday!)  This week I've been better with the coffee, but when I hurt my back on Tuesday I said screw it and opened a bottle of wine, I had 2 glasses Tuesday and 1 Wednesday night.  Even though I wasn't as good last week as I could have been I went from 158 to 154 from Monday to Friday, so that is very good.  I don't believe I lost 4 lbs, I think most of that was water weight or some such thing. 

I needed a coffee break yesterday, but decided not to get Starbucks.  Coffee from work sucks, but it's only a few calories compared to Starbucks.
This idea of not eating junk and quitting drinking so much Starbucks coffee is not new . . .  I was just looking at a post from last February, and it talked about the same things here.  Here's the post if you want to read it.  Maybe it's a new year thing.  Christmas and the holidays seem to generate lots of candy, so maybe about this time of year I need a reboot to stop the sugar craziness.  =)

I have decided that I talk way too much about my weight.  Some days I stand in front of a mirror and think I look good naked, and some days I don't.  But isn't that the way it is for even super skinny people?  Obsessing doesn't make it go away.  So, from now on, I will try to avoid mentioning my weight on here.  I will continue to weigh myself, right now I'm doing it weekly, but only posting monthly weigh-ins on my Scale Obsession page.  I'll keep doing that, but seriously, I need to stop talking about it.  It's ridiculous, no one likes to listen to someone obsess about their weight, no matter what size. 

I'm healthy and fit, and that should be good enough, right?  =)  Maybe I'll make that my 2017 resolution, no weight talk.  ; )


  1. It is hard to NOT talk about weight. Because living in a country where the Rate of obesity is astronomical makes weight a huge topic if discussion!!!!

    I think if you are striving to be healthy (put down the candy!!) then you are doing well!! I am trying to ditch the sweets ( cream...etc) but I don't plan on eliminating it totally...just the need for it every day! That's a happy medium right??? :-)

    1. I agree, MaryFran. Occasional treats is fine, and when occasionally becomes all the time, maybe it's time to reset, which is what I'm striving for now.