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Recap of the unprecedented 2020

2020, like it was for most people, was not the best year, and wasn't great for me mileage wise.  I continued my running streak, that equals 792 days in a row (as of December 31st).  My mileage wasn't incredibly high, I "only" ran 833 miles in 2020.  My average mileage before August was 86 and a half miles a month.  If I had continued with that, I would have run about1040 miles, which is less than 2019, but I didn't run that many.  In August I started having a pain in my foot that I decided I needed to rest.  However, I wanted to continue my run streak, so only ran one mile for most of the remainder of the year.  October was the lowest mileage month at 33 miles, I only ran two 2 mile runs (my longest runs for October).  My highest mileage month was April, at 92 miles.   I only ran 2 races in 2020, I ran the Tulip Run, that became a 10k (it used to be 5 miles) and was virtual.  The other one was also virtual, it was a 5k but I have no idea when it was, and I don'

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