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Doing better

After last week of being so stressed out and not doing remote learning (aka homeschool) for Maddox well, and not doing work well, this week has been better, although with different worries.  We decided, for my sanity, and so that Maddox and I don't end every day in tears, that he would go to the Boys and Girls Club every day to do remote learning there.  He has two people in his room to help with the school work for 8 kids, and while that isn't as good as one on one, at least their job is to help, and they aren't trying to do a job while helping.  So that has made my life easier at home during the day.  BUT Maddox has a learning disability and his stuff for his IEP (Individualized Education Plan) isn't set up yet, plus I worry he's missing stuff because there isn't a person standing right there with him all the time helping him getting into his meetings.  Plus, he doesn't want to go, and every night he is upset because he can't stay with me.  I think I…

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