Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Insane Inflatable and an eastern WA run

So much happened this weekend, this may be a long post with a lot of pictures. =)

This last weekend was the Insane Inflatable 5k, we did it 2 years ago and had a blast so we wanted to do it again this year.  We decided to wear tutus this year, 2 years ago we saw a lot of costumes and thought it would be fun to dress up.  My sister, Nancy, and I found rainbow tutus and suspenders that we wore for Bloomsday 2 weeks ago.  My Dad gave us all shirts for Christmas that said Pence Family Farms (my maiden name) so we decided to wear those and my other sister, Barbara, found all sorts of other rainbow stuff, eyelashes and some body stickers.  I bought Maddox a cape, although he was pretty disappointed to not have a tutu, and my nephew had a hat, but I don't think I have any pictures of the hat, it was pretty cool. 

We got to the place and had to wait around for awhile, which I knew we would, but we took some pictures while we stood around. 
 Then it was time to "line up" for the start. 
I love the picture on the left, and the one on the bottom right
is funny because I was trying to take the one on the left while
my sister was trying to do the same.  =)
And then we went.  My mom fell coming off the first obstacle and I think it scared her for the rest.  I think she only did 3 or 4.  She did do the last one, which was really hard for her, lots of climbing, but she had to do it to get to the place where you got a medal and a tshirt.
 In order to get a "5k" out of it, they had a lot of empty space in the back of the race where we just walked, and walked.  Some switch back type areas, like a line at Disneyland.  Two years ago, my sister Nancy and I walked all of that, but this year we had Maddox and he was tired and hot, so we skipped most of it.  I forgot to turn on my Garmin to measure how far we walked, but I'm thinking it was a mile, maybe a mile and a half. 

My sister, Barbara, and my mom totally skipped that part.  I think my Mom was kinda disappointed she skipped it.  She's been training for a couple months to walk 5k and then she sat for half of it.  She also said she was pretty disappointed she couldn't do the obstacles, but really, she has no balance and is almost 70.  =)  My dad and my brother-in-law were there for moral support, they just moved from shady place to shady place. 
The top of the last obstacle.  It was a long wait for everyone
to get here.  =)
Afterwards we went to a park to have lunch.  That was nice, but I think almost everyone was tired and ready to take off the costumes.  Well, I guess most of us took the tutu's off, but we kept the eyelashes and stickers on for awhile.  I loved the eyelashes, they made me laugh everytime I looked at my sisters or my mom.  Maddox had them on when we left the house, but he pulled them off 5 min into the drive to town.  
I was definitely the selfie queen.  Barbara took a few, and Nancy took one, with her husband, but mostly I took them of myself.  ; )

When we got back to my parent's house everyone laid down.  I really thought I should go for a run since I'm supposed to be training for the half marathon in 4 weeks but I was kinda worried about the temperature at 3pm.  It was 75, which I've definitely ran in before, but usually it's building up to higher temperatures, not a jump from an average of 55 to 75.  By the time I decided to go run, everyone was laying down except for Maddox, so I had no one to watch him.  Instead I went outside for awhile to enjoy the sun and watch him.  Not very long after that I heard some banging in the kitchen, so I went inside and found my dad working on cleaning his cast iron pot (that he had cooked bbq chicken in for our picnic). 

I asked him if he was okay if I went for a run and he watched Maddox.  He said that would be okay, he'd go outside and watch him play.  He said if I needed him for anything to call, and he'd come get me.

My parents live in the middle of nowhere.  Growing up, the closest neighbor we had was my Grandma, who lived 2 miles down a gravel road.  I decided that I would run down to my Grandma's house (who is no longer alive) and back.  I've always hated running at my parents' house because the roads are hilly and no matter which way you go, you always have to go uphill to get back.  And when we were younger, 2 miles to my Grandma's house seemed so far.  I remember riding the riding lawn mower to her house to get it there to mow her lawn, and it sucked!

Until this weekend, anytime I went for a run at my parents house I would drive to a paved road a couple miles away that was flat.  Did I mention all roads to my parents' house are gravel?  Running on gravel, on hills, sucks!  Anyway, this time, since I'm training on hills, I ran to my Grandma's house.  And it wasn't awful.  In fact, I think it was better than my hills at home. 
home hills

eastern WA hills
However, 15 years ago, or more, my cousin put a double wide on the way to my Grandma's about a half mile from my parents' house.  He doesn't keep up the yard, it's covered in weeds and broken toys (his youngest is 17) and he always has half wild dogs.  Well, I ran past it, and one dog got up and kinda looked at me and went back to the shade of the house, and suddenly another dog comes running towards me barking, not really a scary bark, but still a little concerning.  I kept running and the dog followed me a little, and then went into the field and followed me in the field for awhile.  It made me uneasy, so when I got a little farther down the road I stopped and called my Dad.

And no one answered.  I called his cell phone twice, no answer.  So I called their house phone, my Mom answered and amid static, she said "this phone is awful" and hung up on me.  Now I'm thinking, I'm not in any danger, but what if I was?  What if that dog had attacked me and I was able to get my phone and call them?  I'd be dead.  So I called my brother-in-law, who answered right away.  I told him I was trying to get ahold of my dad, but he wouldn't answer, he said he'd go look for him and have him call me.  Well, my sister called me back and I told her about the dogs and said I was uneasy running by them again.  She said she'd meet me at the mile marker in her car on my way back and to call her when I was close.

Well, that meant that I would be a mile short of 4 miles, so I decided I needed to add some distance.  Several years ago they blocked off the entrance to the freeway that my Grandma had and they made another road that connected her house to another highway.  I decided to run down that road for half a mile and then on to my Grandma's house. 

Looking at my Grandma's house from the
top of the hill.
Looking at my parents' house from the same hill,
you can just barely see it just below the horizon.
Looking down at the freeway at the same hill.
As I got to my cousin's place again, I saw my Dad's car.  I stopped to talk to him and was really close to 4.5 miles, so I told him I wanted to go a little farther.  He said he'd follow me.  Well, when I got to 4.5 miles I saw the half mile marker to my parents' house.  I asked my Dad about the dogs and he said when he drove by to get me they weren't outside.  I noticed my cousin's truck was home, so I figured I could run by his house, plus, with my dad following me, I should be okay.  So I kept running.  =) 

My dad waiting for me.  =)
It turned out to be a really nice run.  I was happy I did it.  I won't be so scared to run on those roads in the future . . . I will continue to me uneasy about my cousin's dogs though.

I'm hoping that this video works, it's 360 degrees at the top of the same hill I was at above. 
We came home on Sunday and the weather was so, so, so nice.  I skipped my long run. =(  I was home just before 3, I think, and could have gone, but it was warm, and sunny, and nice, and instead I laid in my backyard to work on my neglected tan.

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