Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bloomsday 2017

Almost 2 weeks since my last post.  I was doing so well in keeping up with everything on here, and then I got lazy.  I guess I shouldn't say "almost 2 weeks," today is exactly 2 weeks.  ; )

Let's see, I left you with the Tulip Festival and my Dad in town, oh and Prom.  The first week of May was pretty uneventful.  I did increase my running the last week of April, running 22 miles, with a 6 mile walk with my sister.  But the first week (I guess that's last week) I didn't get the opportunity.  I learned from a friend that ran the San Juan Half marathon last year that it's very hilly.  So I looked up the elevation profile and saw this. . .
That is downright scary to me.  So the last Saturday of April I decided to start running hills, lots and lots of hills.  But, I have none in my area that are that scary.  AND I only did one run with multiple hard hills in it, which isn't going to be enough.  Plus, a friend of mine kindly reminded me that there are only 6 weeks till that half, and I am no where near ready for it.  I'm getting kind of nervous. 

I can currently run 6 miles, with a few hills in it, easily, but 13.1 with major, scary hills is a whole other ballgame.  I'm going to die. 

So I did a 5 mile run with 3 big hills in it (I had to walk half of 2) and then ran a "normal" 5 mile run the next day, still has one big hill, the rest is either flat or slight uphill and some slight downhill. 

After that I was doing my normal runs and then I went to eastern Washington for Bloomsday.  This is the 4th year I've done Bloomsday, the first year I walked with my sister, then I ran, then skipped a year, then ran again.  This year I walked again with my sister. 

Honestly, nothing really exciting happened on our trip.  We left early Saturday morning and went straight to my aunt's house . . . well, straight to Spokane, where we went to the Expo, and then to the mall to look for summer dresses, then to my aunt's house.  Poor Maddox, I woke him up on Saturday morning at the same time usually gets up for school.  He ate breakfast and then I put him in the car and we drove an hour to my sister's house.  Then back in her car for 5 hours.  He was soooo tired of sitting.  Even before we got to my sister's house he was saying "it's taking a long time!"  He was such a good kid at the Expo and then at the mall.  He just wanted to play. 

My sister likes to be early to things, which is not a bad thing, but sometimes what she thinks is early, is really, really early.  The race starts at 9am.  They have color "corrals" that everyone goes into based on how much time you'll take.  Because I ran the last 2 times I did it, I was put in the Yellow color corral, which is just behind the elites.  My sister was put in the Blue one, which is smack dab in the middle of the slow runners and fast walkers.  You can move backwards in the colors, but not forward.  I could move to Blue (which I did) but my sister couldn't move to yellow.  Anyway, knowing the elites and wheelchairs start at 9, and we were towards the front of the back, or the back of the middle, I knew we wouldn't cross the line until much later.  But the email we got said that the Blue group started between 9:15 and 9:45, so my sister really needed to be there much earlier. 
I didn't mention we wore tutu's.  =)
She wanted to leave my aunt's house at 8:30, for a 10 min drive.  However, I talked her into leaving at 8:45, and we still stood there for 45 min or so before we started.  In fact, as we crossed the start line we could see the finish line and the elites were crossing the line, at 9:50 (I looked at my watch).
Anyway, we walked.  And walked.  And walked.  7.45 miles is a really long time to walk.  We had to stop at a portapotty pretty close to the start of the race.  Actually, it was the same one I did last year, but thankfully I didn't have to go as badly as last year, because walking there took longer than running there (obviously) and there was a long line.  We probably waited 7 min or so  (I say 7 min because that was the difference in my Garmin and my official finish time). 
bathroom line
And then we walked some more.  =) 
We really liked these boys, we leap frogged them
most of the way, and we marveled that they were
brave enough to wear tutu's.  Damian would never.
At about mile 7 my parents and sister were waiting for us, in what has become their usual spot.  We did stop for a minute and said hi.  And then we walked. 
Yes, that's my mom in the background with
her tongue out.
We finally finished and then we had to walk some more.
The finish line was at least another half mile before where we had to go to pick up our shirts.  And then we had to continue walking to get somewhere a car could go to pick us up.  I had read the week before that putting your feet up within 30 min after a hard or long race is very good at helping your feet's circulation.  In fact, I had done it after my hilly run the Saturday before and it was nice.  So we found a spot on the sidewalk where we could put our feet up for 5 min or so. 
And then we asked someone walking by to take our picture.
It was really nice.  And even though we only did it for 6 min (the article said 5-15 min), it really helped our feet.  Especially since we had to keep walking to get to where my parents were picking us up. 

After the race we went to my aunt's house and changed and packed up and then went to dinner for my dad's 70th birthday. 
And then on to my parent's house for the night.  Leaving from my parent's house cuts off about 2 hours, maybe a little less.  We left my parent's house close to 10am and hit a lot of traffic (road construction stuff) so it took us forever to get home, and I still had to go on home from my sister's house. 


  1. Love the tutu!!!! It sounds like another good experience at this event!!!!! I have participated in a 10k that is so huge that I was in the h corral and when we got to the START line they were announcing that the elite winners were crossing the finish line!!

  2. Oops I also wanted to say that wipe the nerves away for the half! Keep doing as many hills as you can....and just go out and have fun!!! Adrenaline will drive you up those hills!!!!