Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lots going on lately

Last weekend was crazy.  My Dad came into town on Thursday to watch Damian compete in track and stayed the weekend to watch Maddox play t-ball.  I went to Damian's track meet, where he had two PR's, one in the javelin throw with a throw of 121.7 feet and then in his pole vault, with a height of 11 ft.  It was a good meet, even if we had to sit around forever waiting for his pole vaulting.  Javelin is one of the first events they do and pole vaulting is one of the last, the previous week, my sister and I sat for a couple hours between the two.  Last week there were less schools there, so we didn't have to wait as long.

Saturday was Maddox's t-ball game, however, Damian also had a invitational track meet at the same time, so I ended up going to Damian's track while my Dad and sister went to Maddox's game.  Damian did not do great at track, he was very focused on Prom, which was Saturday night.  Plus, the weather was rather crazy, raining one min and sunny the next, plus windy at times, it was just awful. 

Sunday was a run, grocery shopping, tulip festival street fair and ice cream with my dad.  I don't think I sat down until 7pm.  I was soooo tired.  I really enjoyed the time with my Dad.  It's not very often that he comes to my house without my Mom, and even rarely does he stay at my house.  My house is pretty small, so if he stays there Damian sleeps on the couch, which I think my Dad feels guilty about.  But it was nice to spend one-on-one time with him.

Prom.  My son is old enough for Senior Prom, and he went, with a girl, and paid for it all with his own money.  Did I mention he has a job?  He has had one for about 2 months now, maybe 2 and a half.  He's been so busy I barely see him lately.  School, track, work, by the time he gets home I'm in bed. 
 Yesterday Damian had another track meet that I was able to go to.  He's beaten his pole vault record at every track meet except Saturday's.  Yesterday he was able to get to 11'6" and I think he could have gotten 12' but by that time he was the only one still vaulting so he did his 3 tries in a row and I think he was tired.  There was one other guy competing after Damian, but his starting height was higher than that, so he hadn't even started by the time Damian was done.  I don't know what his starting height was, but 12' is really high, so that's impressive!
I hope you can see that.  I made a GIF with "burst shots" and I've had problems sending it via text all day.  I was able to post it on Facebook, but not anywhere else.  =(

My week in running has been pretty good.  Last Saturday I ended up not running because I got too late of a start to my day and had to leave to go to Damian's track meet.  However, I ran 6 miles on Sunday, 4 on Tuesday and even managed 3 last night after Damian's track meet.  That was a late run in the wind, but I was happy I did it.  I haven't decided if I'm going to run tonight or not.  I was supposed to go walking with my sister, but I'm exhausted today and don't want to walk 6 miles.  She wants me to go tomorrow instead, but I hate getting home late on Friday night.  I don't know.

Last night's run.  My fast time for awhile.
Oh, and on the way home from the track meet yesterday I finally saw some tulips.  They were my first and probably the last I'll see.  We tend to not go see them every year because of the craziness of the Tulip Festival.  There is an evening that some of the tulip farms open for free for the locals, but I always miss it.  (You can see the tulips just driving by the fields, but some farms have "special" areas that you have to pay to go in, I've never paid to go in.) 
I stopped as we drove by the one field we saw to take a picture.  I figure I need at least one picture of the tulips, they are pretty, even if they're boring because they bloom once and then are done.  ; )

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  1. You are one busy mamma!!!!!

    Love the picture of the field!!!