Wednesday, April 12, 2017


This last Sunday was a nice day weather-wise.  We were going to go to some hot springs north of us, but Damian had to work and then it was decided that we'd wait for another time to go.  I ended up doing some yard work. 

I did go for a run.  I decided to do an easy 5 miles, not worrying about my time or anything, just a nice 5 miles.  It was so nice outside that I would have kicked myself if I hadn't. 

After grocery shopping I decided to mow the lawn.  I don't think I've ever mowed a lawn without a self-propelled lawn mower before.  I've mowed my parents lawn many times, and one notable time last fall.  And I've mowed the lawn at my home with a different mower than what we currently have.  Let me tell you, mowing tall, wet grass with a push lawn mower that is not self-propelled is hard!!  And even though I weight lift, I am obviously not strong enough to pull the string thing (whatever that's called) to start the mower.  I had to ask my neighbor to do it to begin with (Chris and Damian went to lunch).  He said once it warmed up it would be easier, but with the wet, tall lawn the mower kept stalling out, so I'd have to start it all over.  I swear I pulled that thing at least 50 times, at least 5 tries to start it each time, and my arm is sore today. 
But my lawn looks nice now, and not so jungle like.  The lawn mowing was harder than my run yesterday. 

After mowing the lawn I did a few other things, I don't even remember all I did, cleaned house, worked on some stuff outside.  Anyway  I talked to our neighbor about a car.

Just before our family trip our neighbor asked us if we were interested in a 1997 Toyota Corolla for $600. His boss had bought the car for his daughter, but then she decided to keep her Mustang (why buy a Corolla to replace a Mustang for a teenager? seems silly).  Anyway, he had already put some work into the car, tune up, new belts, new stereo, I don't know what all.  We wanted to look at it and hopefully have my brother-in-law, who knows more about cars than any of us, look at it, but the guy was out of town the week before our trip, and then we were out of town.

Thursday before we went to Long Beach, our neighbor told us that his boss had sold it to someone else for $1500.   I was pretty bummed, because we really do need a second car, but we couldn't compete with $1500.  Well, on Sunday our neighbor told me that the other deal fell through and the car was still available and we could still get it for $600.  So we bought it. 
We also have a Dodge Neon SRT-4 that is not working but Chris told me this weekend that he thinks that he sold it to a coworker, so that will be nice to not have that broken car in our yard, although I really like that car and will be sad to see it go (I hate my current car).  Oh and I also have a 1989 Toyota Camry that doesn't work in our driveway.  I was going to donate that one two years ago, but taking it off our insurance would have made our insurance go up more than double because of the discount of being a 2 car family and having Damian being a "primary" driver on the sporty Dodge, so after buying the Corolla I had decided I'd donate the Camry and then we'd have all broken cars gone.  I think it'd be great to have all cars that don't work gone and have 2 actually working cars.

Well, Chris called the insurance on Monday to take the Camry off and add the Corolla and I was going to work on getting it donated again . . . ha!  So apparently there is a 3 car, 3 driver discount, and once again, taking it off our insurance would raise our insurance. If we keep the Camry, our insurance goes down $20, but getting rid of the Camry our insurance would go up $8. . .  Chris even kept adding things that we don't have, like collision (I don't know why we don't have that) and rental (if the car breaks down and we need a rental for a week), plus, we didn't change our address from Burlington from 2 years ago, so moving to Mt. Vernon added money on the insurance.  But even with adding all that we are still $6 cheaper keeping the Camry than we were before we bought the Corolla.  Oh! and I forgot, currently the Camry is insured for storage, not for driving, so Chris tried to decrease the storage to the minimum amount, and the lady told him we didn't want to do that because it would be more expensive.  So the Camry (the worthless car that doesn't work) is insured for the maximum amount of storage, and our insurance is still $6 cheaper than before. 

I will never be able to get rid of that car!!  But if we can get rid of the Dodge, at least we'll be a 3 car family with 2 cars that work instead of a 3 car family with 1 car that works.   Although, right now we're a 4 car family with 2 cars that work . . .

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  1. I hate insurance!!!!! My car insurance is sky high! For minimal coverage! (It's an older car so I have just what is necessary and comprehensive to cover windshields and stuff like that). Crazy how much it went up when I lost the extra car from my marriage. (I'm more upset about losing the car on my insurance than the man...good riddance to him!)

    I have always had problems with the string starters. So I used to have my ex start the machinery for me. He would grumble and whine about it and one day said 'you will start it'. So I was out there pulling and he said 'pull harder'. I yanked it as hard as I could....and the string broke. Yup....I won that round!!!