Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It goes too fast

I'm running more.  The last 2 weeks I ran 21 miles, which is 2 miles more than my most mileage week in February and 9 miles more than my lowest mileage week in February.  My legs have been pretty sore, and for some reason my back and neck have been really tight.  I am again working on stretching more.  I've heard that not stretching is a big cause of injury, and I'd like to avoid another injury.  2015 was the first year I've ever run without injuring myself, I'd like to keep that going into 2016. 

Maybe instead of looking at how fast I was at my fastest, I should look at what helped me to stay healthy and run an entire year with no pain. . . Okay, okay, I had some pain after my marathon.  Something was wrong with my foot, but a few weeks afterward it popped, loudly and painfully, and it was all better. 

Anyway, I got new shoes on Saturday.  My shin splints are still there, but I'm hoping a few runs with my new shoes and they'll go away.  That usually happens. 
This is my second pair of men's Asics's.  They are pretty comfortable and cheaper than the women's pair that were extremely similar.  Why are women's things priced higher than men's?  I don't understand.  I did think the women's shoes were a little more comfortable, but not enough to pay an extra $50.
Damian likes to play with hair, he always has.  If I have one memory (I have way more than one) of his childhood, it's him sitting on my lap, or hip (when he got older) with his hand in my hair.  He tapered off a few years ago, and I just chalked it to him being older and not so much of a Mama's Boy (I miss it though).  So when I got my hair cut a few weeks ago it surprised me that suddenly his hands are back in my hair.  Constantly.  He's standing behind me about to leave? hand in hair.  He's sitting next to me purposely so he can put his hand in my hair.  (Although, that might have a lot to do with being grounded, with no phone use at home and he's not going in his room to watch YouTube.)  We were even driving yesterday (he was driving) and he reached over and put his hand in my hair.  I told him no, he was driving, but that used to be common, even while I drove he had his hand in my hair.  Anyway, he mentioned that he missed my "crunchy" hair.  With this new hair cut I'm using hairspray again, and he likes the crunch (I miss the softness).  I've kinda missed it.  He's growing up too fast.
Then there is my goofy kid.  Damian and I were sitting on the couch (pictured above) and I wanted a picture of us, we have very little now because he's never around (too busy), and Maddox wouldn't leave us alone.  So I finally had to tell Maddox I'd take one with him too if he'd wait so "Mamian" and Mommy could get one. 
And then he covers his eyes.  Goofy kid.  And Damian being a creeper.  lol  (#mamasboy is my hashtag for Damian and #goofykid is my hashtag for Maddox on Instagram.  Damian has actually said he doesn't care if he's a mama's boy, in his eyes it's not a bad thing . . . of course, I don't think he tells people, but I'm glad he still likes me.) 

Speaking of Damian getting too old, he brought home a form for a class ring last week.  I'm so not ready for him to be a Senior next year.  I'm going to ball, probably all year long.  How can he be so old? 
Damian and his cousin in 2009


  1. Really? I never thought about getting the mens shoes versus the womens. I have womens ascics right now and they were expensive. I'm sooo checking out the mens next time!

    1. You should definitely try them out. The one's I bought were so similar to the women's it was ridiculous that the price was so different.