Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

One of the blogs I read often links back to his blogs from a year before.  So I decided to go look at May 2014 in my blog.  I didn't write on May 11, 2014, but reading what I did over Mother's Day and about my garden made me smile.  I did pretty much the same things yesterday that I did a year ago, although I'm in a different house than I was.  And the garden part made me sad.  I still have my planter boxes, but no seedlings this year, and no dirt.  And I don't think I'll be getting the dirt.  :-(  With having just moved and then our car problems from a couple weeks ago, I just don't think we can afford the expense right now.  I'm super bummed because I LOVED having the garden last year, and learned a lot from it.  Although, with our new place I'll have to learn about the sun and what grows best. 

I am also sad about losing the house we had lived in.  While it had a lot of problems, the biggest being a mold problem, I really did love the outside space I made, and I miss knowing that it was ours, rather than rented. 

On Saturday the weather was gorgeous.  I woke up at 5am, and decided to just get up.  I had coffee and was watching some TV and decided to work on unpacking my house.  I arranged the living room and cleaned off the table in the kitchen.  It is soooo much nicer now.  And I did all that before my hair appt at 11.  I spent the afternoon outside enjoying the sun.  I did go for a 4 mile run, but then was noticing the runner tan lines I'm already forming, so decided to go to our backyard and sunbathe a little (with sunscreen) to try to conteract the runner lines, which I hate. 
I just got two new bathing suits from Sammy Dress which I love.  However, the sizes run quite small so even though I got a large, the bottoms to one of the suits is too small, like really too small, luckily the bottoms I got for the second one match the top to the first one okay.  :-)

In the evening our neighbor and friend invited us over to watch a movie on their outdoor screen.  They borrowed Transformers from us, so they kinda had to invite us over.  :-)  But it was really fun.  The day on Saturday was beautiful and so warm.  It was perfect for an outdoor movie. 
I was expecting Sunday to be just as nice so I was really disappointed that the clouds had come in.  They were really high clouds (I'm sure there's a name for them) so it wasn't stormy, but it was definitely cooler and windier than Saturday. 

Damian made me breakfast and then I was going to go for a run.  It was so hard to get myself out the door.  Like I've said many times, Mt. Vernon is much hillier than Burlington (where we just moved from) so the 6 months I spent running in Burlington was all flat, now when I run I have to run up hill, unless I drive somewhere, and I don't like doing that.  This means that my legs (thighs and hips mostly) have been a little achey which made it that much harder to go for a run.  I just didn't feel like it, and knowing that I had 6 miles planned, and knowing that none of it would be flat. . .  well, it was just hard to leave. 

Last summer I was running with the jogging stroller to the park to let Maddox play for a little bit and then back home.  Yesterday on my run I ran through that park and couldn't imagine running with the stroller right now.  It is all uphill to that park, even if some of it is a slight uphill, it is still uphill. And then, as weird as it sounds, it is uphill when you leave that park as well, it flattens out and then the end of the run is downhill (which is why I do it that way) but I just feel like the uphills outweigh the downhills. 

Chris and Damian made me dinner last night and then we had a very small fire.  And then I took a bath.  One thing that I definitely don't miss about our old home (the one that we lost, not the most recent one) is the water heater, which wasn't big enough to fill the bathtub with hot water.  The place in Burlington had a great bathtub, plus enough hot water to fill it.  This new place has enough hot water, but the bathtub is rather shallow, which sucks.  I had gotten into the habit in Burlington to take a bath at least once a week (I really do love baths) and probably had more there in the 6 months we were there than I did in the 6 years we lived in the other house.  I'm not quite willing to give up my bathtime yet, so I'm suffering through a much shallower bathtub. 
Damian and Maddox gave me a necklace that I saw in Walmart a few days ago and pointed out to Damian.  It's an infinity symbol with "mom" written in it.  I really, really like it. 

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