Friday, March 13, 2015


I haven't updated in over a week, sorry.  (Not like you noticed, or many read this . . . but I like to think at least one person missed me).  ; ) 

Not much has happened this last week.  My mom was visiting my sister in Lynnwood last weekend and I went down to go shopping with them.  It was a fun shopping trip and I got some great clothes and even awesomer shoes. =) 

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posted both these pictures if you want. =)
I ran 3.89 miles on Saturday, accidentally.  I was actually trying to do a quick run because Damian had to leave to go to baseball, but I got confused and the route I took was longer than I thought it would be.  I'm  still learning distances from my house. 

Sunday I ran 5 miles!  That is my longest run since September when I was running 5 miles daily.  I am super excited about that and especially that I have no pain from it.  It is interesting to me, Wednesdays are the days that I feel the achiest in my feet, and I haven't run for 2 days by then.  I always worry about whether or not I should run on those days because my feet are achy, but then I do and my feet usually feel fine.  I roll them and ice them in the evening and it's all good.

Wednesday my entire family had dentist appts.  I scheduled it that way because my dentist is in Bellingham (north of where I live) and I work in Everett (south of where I live) and we only have one freeway worthy car.  I took the day off and Damian missed school to go.  Afterwards we went to lunch and then went and looked at the daffodils in Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon has a Tulip Festival every April and daffodils bloom just before tulips.  I love daffodils but every time we go to look at them we miss them.  This year, because of the very mild winter, everything is blooming early, so I decided to try the daffodils again, and we found them.  =)
After finding the daffodils we came home and I went for a run.  I ran 3.5 miles, I'm not exactly sure why because I was thinking I'd increase my weekly run to 3.75, but maybe I changed my mind and just decided to increase my long run to 5. . .  We'll see next week how my feet are and maybe I'll increase again.  I'd like to add a day, but I don't know if I should yet or not . . .

This weekend nothing exciting is happening.  Damian was supposed to do his robotics competition but he has a baseball jamboree (did I tell you he made the JV team?  He was super, super excited, I think him not making it last year really had him worried).  My sister was going to come up for the robotics thing, but now we're hoping to go for a walk instead.  Although the forecast looks rainy, so I'm trying to find a babysitter for Maddox and maybe we'll go see Cinderella instead.  ; )

And that has been my week.  Nothing too exciting, although a little better than just 5 days of work. =)