Sunday, March 15, 2015

This needs to stop

A couple things that are on my mind that I didn't talk about on Friday. . .

All last week I've felt fat. . . I know, that is probably not PC and there are people out there much bigger than me, but everybody has "fat" days, just like everybody has "skinny" days.  This last week was a "fat" week.  And actually, my scale has agreed with me.  I have consistently been 147+ all week, even weighing in at 150.8 (!!) on Thursday.  I know why Thursday was a high weigh in day, we ate Chinese for lunch on Wednesday and on Tuesday, knowing we didn't have to work on Wednesday, we (Chris and I both) had a couple Long Island Ice Teas.  Friday was actually my lowest day, but that was still 147.8. 

I need to cut back on . . . well, everything.  I liked being in the 146 range and was hoping to go down even a little more.  But that isn't happening right now.

The other thing is that I am drinking waaaayyyyy too many Starbucks mochas.  My current job has me driving a lot to meet clients and I often meet them in Starbucks.  My office is really, really out of the way for anyone I work with to come to appts there, so I meet them in the community.  And, around here, Starbucks is plentiful.  But when I'm meeting with someone at Starbucks I don't feel comfortable not getting something, so I order a tall (small) white chocolate caramel mocha (my go-to drink).  I don't like tea, and I don't like Starbucks black coffee (I'd have to add cream even if I did).  So now I'm drinking 300-400 (at least) calories about 3-4 times a week.  And even when I'm not meeting a client, I will often get a coffee anyway as I drive by.  
I don't think they put that
much whip cream on it with
a lid, but maybe I'm wrong.
Thursday I met a client in IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) and we ate lunch.  I had a spinach and mushroom omelet (with hollandaise sauce).  You'd think that was a fairly healthy meal (well, maybe not the hollandaise) . ..  I looked up the calories . .. 1000 calories for that stupid thing (I ate 3/4 of it, so about 750 calories) for lunch alone!  And what did I do afterwards?  Went through the Starbucks drive thru. 

Just talking about (or typing) makes me want to go get a coffee.

It needs to stop! 

Like I said on Friday, I went shopping with my mom and sister a week (or so) ago.  (Before my "fat" week.)  I really need bottoms, slacks, jeans, skirts, etc.  My job has me going to court more than I was before and they dress nicer here than they did at my last job.  Plus, all my jeans are pretty old (a year or more).  Anyway, I got only 2 pairs of pants (leggings and slacks) and one skirt, no jeans.  (I see a trip to Value Village in my future.)  But the one pair of slacks I bought was a size 8, the leggings and skirt were both mediums.  I love being a size 8.  Even though I weigh more than I did in high school, I was a size 8 in high school, so it feels fantastic to be that small again.

The last "set" of jeans I got were from my coworker at my last job a couple years ago.  Her sister had gained some weight and had some jeans she was getting rid of.  At the time I was a size 10 and my coworker asked me if I wanted them.  I said sure.  One of the pair that she gave me was/is well loved.  They were by far my favorite, but they now have some holes forming in the butt area (isn't that a strange area for holes?) so I can't really wear them to work anymore. 

The other pair is a pair of Lucky Brand jeans.  I have never had a pair of Lucky jeans, and I've heard they are fairly expensive brand. But they've always been a little tight, especially right after being washed, so I don't wear them much.  I put them on today and was annoyed that they were tight.  I hate that feeling.  I know they loosen up and become comfortable, but that beginning of the day tightness drives me crazy.  As I sit here typing this they actually feel like I could use a belt (I've never worn a belt with these pants because they've always been so tight.)  I  would love to be small enough that they are loose right out of the wash.  Anyway, I decided to try to figure out the size on them (the tag says 29, which is un-American {LOL!}).  I did what all of us do now-a-days, I googled it.  Lucky Brand jeans size 29 = size 8.

This means that even when I was a comfortable size 10, I was squeezing my butt into a size 8 pair of pants without knowing it (no wonder they were so tight).  That is kind of a cool thing.  =)

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