Friday, March 20, 2015


Well, this week's running was derailed by getting sick.  I got sick on Tuesday, or was it Monday?  I don't remember, and it doesn't matter, it equals to the same thing, I didn't run on Wednesday.  I just said last week that I don't like to miss a day since I'm only running 3 days a week.  Missing one day is a big deal to me.

You know it was bad I didn't run this week when I even ran through strep throat in January.  Of course, I didn't run on the bad days but since i didn't have insurance at that time, I was sick for 2 weeks (maybe 3) and I refused to stop running just because of a little sore throat (okay, it was more than a little).

You also know it's especially bad when I got my new shoes on Wednesday and still didn't run.
And there they sit, still in their box.
The biggest reason is because this particular sickness has me doubled over sometimes with a really phlegmy cough coming from my chest.  And if you don't know anything about running you should know that you're supposed to avoid running if you have a chest cold vs a head cold. On Wednesday I was even worried about having the flu because I had a sore back and my upper thighs were a little sore.  I don't think I have the flu, I've only had a temperature of about 100 at the highest, and the muscle aches didn't last very long.

I did continue to work through this sickness.  My work only gives me 15 PTO days, and while some may say that's really good (social work jobs tend to give more days off than the average job I think), I have been used to 15 days of vacation, plus 7 days of sick leave.  PTO (paid time off) means that I have to use the same stash of days off for vacation and sick days, which means that I have 7 days less of time off then I used to.  This is extremely annoying to me and so I avoid using sick days as much as possible.

I have vowed to not use a sick day for myself, only for Maddox. Which is why I'm home today, he has been sick at the same time as me.  However, you'd never guess it right now since he's running around the living room.  I think I could have worked today but Chris thought I should stay home because Maddox was really fussy this morning even though he didn't have a fever.

I am going to try to go for a run this afternoon while Maddox takes a nap.  I'm going to get on my unused treadmill and try to do 2 miles.  I really hope I can do it without coughing up a lung, and it will be a good test for what I hope is a 4 mile run tomorrow.

I have been sick more this year than I have ever in my life.  I have been sick since New Year's when I got strep throat.  Sure, I've had a week or two of feeling good here and there, but then I get another cold or something.  I'm sick of it!  I don't know why this year is so different.  I seriously hope that this is the last cold I have all year. (knock on wood)

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