Friday, March 27, 2015

Insane Inflatable 5k

Best laid plans and all that . . .

This week my original plan was to run on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Then I was looking at Damian's baseball schedule and realized he had a game on Wednesday, so I thought I'd run Tuesday and Thursday, and it would probably be better for my feet anyway. 

So I ran on Tuesday, and then the game was rescheduled on Wednesday because of rain.  It was rescheduled to Thursday. =(  So I didn't run, I should have run on Wednesday, but I didn't.  And there's another game tonight.  I will have run my "normal" amount of days this week.  I guess I'll work on increasing next week. 

Yesterday evening after the game I went home and I was soooooo warm.  It was very warm here, up to 70 in some places, but I didn't expect it to be so warm in my house.  My feet were hot, and I am the type of person that likes to have a blanket on their feet all the time.  Finally I got out my frozen water bottle and rolled my feet on ice for awhile.  It felt so good.  The funny part was Maddox.  He had his cup of milk (sippy cup) and he put it down and was "rolling" his feet.  He was so cute. 
This week I got an email reminding me that the Tulip Run is coming up next weekend.  I ran the Tulip Run last year and got first place for my age group.  So here I am wondering if I should run it again.  This is the 30th year it's been held, so I thought that might be a cool tshirt to have.  But I am not in the running shape I was a year ago.  My 5 mile run on Sunday was 47.34 and my first place finish last year was 42.48, a full (well almost) 5 min faster, that's one min per mile faster.  I just don't think I can push myself that hard this year. 

I think if I don't run it, I'll regret it.  So I have pretty much talked myself into doing it (I just need to go register) but I'm going to be bummed if I don't place this year, and I doubt that I will.  I'm just too slow this year. 

Other race news . . . my sister signed us up for an Inflatable Fun Run.  I think it looks fun, but hard!  I also think she doesn't really know how hard it is going to be.  She is not someone who exercises . . . ever.  She doesn't walk, she doesn't do anything.  She works a block from home and she drives her car there.  I think it will be hard for me, and I run.  I guess we'll see.  There are 7 of us signed up for it, my sister, Barbara, and her 2 kids, and her ex-husband, my other sister, Nancy, and Damian and me.  Nancy and I really want to do our own thing and not be stuck doing the obstacles with Barbara.  So we are going to try to figure out how to nicely say we're a group, but on our own. 

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