Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More weight nonsense

The exciting trend of lower numbers on the scale has continued for the last week.  I am consistently seeing 146.X.  I think I've only seen 147.X once in the last week.  This morning I was 146.7, yesterday after my run I was 146.0 exactly.  But I was super hungry and had just run, so it probably wasn't a "true" weight.  Anyway, I haven't had an "official" weigh in day for awhile now, I weigh myself daily and since the numbers seemed stuck at 148.8 for so long I just gave up on an "official" day.  However, now that the numbers seem to be going down again, I wonder if I need an "official" day or not.  I tend to lose a few lbs in a short time frame and then stay at that weight for a long time.  It usually happens because I change something up and my body decides to drop some weight.  I don't think I changed anything up this time, just got a job again and started eating like I used to rather than being at home and grazing.

This last weekend I did not do a long run.  I waited till Saturday do to my Friday run, but thought it was okay because I ran both Saturday and Sunday the weekend before and was fine.  Well, Sunday rolled around and I was lazy.  I didn't even get out of my pj's till about 4pm, when I decided to do some lunges and other exercises to help strengthen my hips.  I just put off Sunday's run to Monday.  Well, then yesterday I got home super late, much later than normal because of some errands I had to do and I really, really didn't want to run.  However, I had already told Chris I was going, he even started dinner a little later for me so I could run.  So when I got home I just got dressed without thinking about it and went for a run.  I'm glad I did (is anyone ever upset when the do run??).
My run on Saturday was very wet, and then I got
stopped by a train. =(
This weekend we are going to Long Beach, WA with my family (parents, sisters and their families).  We do this trip (not always to Long Beach) every year on President's Day weekend. The last couple years my parents have flown my younger sister and her husband and son from North Carolina to go on the trip with us and they'll be there again this year.  We've been doing these trips for over 10 years now.  We used to go "camping" in yurts because they're cheap and we could all afford it.

But my parents are getting older and we got tired of going to the same place every year.  So the last couple years we have rented a house, which is much nicer (there's a kitchen, bathroom, heat, beds that are comfortable, etc.).

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