Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Long weekend (picture heavy)

I had a really great weekend with my family.  We went to Long Beach, WA and it was a beautiful weekend, unlike last year.  The sun was shining the entire weekend, and it was warm (of course not 80 degree warm, but western WA in February warm).

Friday I got up and went for a run.  Last week I talked myself into putting off 2 runs, which meant that in order to even get 9 miles in, I would have to run two days in a row.  (I guess I could have run on Saturday, but knowing my history of not running while on vacation, I decided it would be best to not plan a Saturday run.

We decided kinda last minute (Wednesday) to invite Damian's really good friend to come with us.  He's never had a friend come (but I have a nephew that is 3 years younger, so they hang out) and this friend and his family really do a lot for us.  (They let Damian come over in the early morning before school when I go to work and then after school waiting for me to come pick him up.)

My sister from North Carolina and her family came again.  Her son is only 3 months younger than Maddox, so they had a blast hanging out.
The age of technology, A.J. eating breakfast while looking
at my sister's phone.

They liked to sit in the window and look outside.
On Saturday we went to this gigantic antique store.  One we had never even seen before, and spent hours there.  Literally, hours.  Everytime we thought we were almost through the whole thing, we'd find another room, that led to another room.  It was seriously huge.  Chris and I didn't even get through the whole thing.  My family was paying for their stuff, and we still had a quarter of the store left.  (Chris was looking for something very specific that his Grandma had so he wanted to be thorough.)

We did find some Uranium glass, which was made before and during the depression and made with Uranium in it.  It is considered radioactive (but not harmfully so . . . although I wouldn't eat off it) and glows under a black light.  Chris has wanted to start a collection of it for a long time, but it's rather pricey, especially online.  They had a whole case full of it, so I talked Chris into getting one piece ($45).  I had my mom go back the next day with some money to get another piece ($50) for his birthday (June).  (When we got home we had to go buy a black light.) =)

Anyway, when we found out everyone was leaving I told Chris that I had to go, my feet were killing me (not plantar faciitis killing me, but walking for hours in a store killing me.)  We got done with that store and went back to the house and I rolled my feet (instant relief).  Then my parents said they were going to go to another store that my dad had seen last year and wanted to go back, I decided I wanted to go as well.  We spent another hour or so in that store, it wasn't nearly as big and was much better organized.
I LOVED these dishes.  Too bad they were $625.
This was an awesome little nook that I sat in for awhile
waiting for my parents and Chris to be done because my
feet were hurting (again).
Saturday night we played games, which is what we always do on these trips.  Apples to Apples has become a tradition, and Catch Phrase started shortly afterwards. (Last year my mom got Apples to Apples picture version and I don't like that one very much, but the kids like it.)

(Two pictures so we could get everyone)

On Sunday I got up early-ish and decided I HAD to go for a run.  It was just too beautiful not to.  Plus there was a trail that I really wanted to run last year that I didn't because it was too stormy.  I went for my run around 9:30am, and it was about 50 degrees outside.  I dressed way too warmly for it, I was expecting more wind, but there really was very little.  It was a beautiful run, and I wish my feet were healed more because I would have loved to have done more of it.  As it is, I only did 4 miles that once.
The majority of the run was just dunes 

But every once in awhile I'd get these gorgeous views of the ocean
After my run Chris wanted to go for a walk on the boardwalk, so we did.  That was a really nice walk as well. 

By then it was lunchtime.  Have you ever tried to decide where to eat with 15 people (well, 9 adults, but the teenagers-3-wanted a say too).  We decided on a place we went last year that we all liked and wasn't too expensive (it was still $55 for the 4 of us, we didn't get food for Maddox, just shared all of ours with him).  

After that the family decided to go separate ways, and do the touristy stuff downtown.  Chris and I walked up and down the main street, but didn't really feel like shopping at all.  We had been in all the stores last year, and the years before we had visited Seaside and a few years ago Long Beach, and I feel once you've been in one of those touristy stores in the same general area (Seaside is not very far down the shore in Oregon) you've been in all of them.  We ended up not going into any stores at all.  We did stop and get some ice cream. (Yum!)

Sunday evening we went back to the beach so my mom could watch the toddlers (my nephew is only 3 months younger than Maddox) feed the birds.  However, it was the start of clamming season, and the beach was really crowded, so the birds were not around.  On the bright side, the sunset was gorgeous and I took way too many pictures (don't worry, I won't post them all).  

After the sunset, the view from the house we were renting.
Sadly, Monday we had to leave.  So we got up and packed.  And then remembered we needed to take a family picture, especially since we had forgotten last year.  
My brother-in-law, the one looking over his shoulder, set up
his phone as well, but it fell as he was headed to his spot, that
is why he is looking back.  My phone happened to catch the
moment perfectly.  I love this picture, all the faces.  =)

After we were all packed, Chris and I and our gang decided to go into town and go to the beach (in WA you can drive on the sand) and then get some ice cream.  We definitely weren't ready to go yet, we had fun with the waves and watching Maddox with the water (and no one got wet).  =)


We left Long Beach about 11:30, which is why we had ice cream (not because it's good).  I didn't want to eat in Long Beach where the only fast food was McDonald's and the cheapest place other than McD's was the place we ate on Sunday (remember $55).  So we decided to wait till we got out of town and could find a cheaper place.  About 30 min (maybe 45 min) outside of Long Beach is a little town with a cute diner decorated like the 50's that we've stopped at before.  Chris wanted to stop there, but I wasn't hungry at all and neither were the kids.  However, as we drove past I saw my parents and 2 of my sisters (my sister, Nancy was long gone, they don't dawdle when they leave, they just leave) were walking into the diner, so we stopped.  It was a nice lunch and my Dad paid (which wasn't my intention at all).  
I was trying to get a picture of them on their phones, which is what they did whenever they sat down.  
On the way home there was the most beautiful sunset.  I was watching it, and I looked back and Damian was enthralled.  He didn't look away, he even took a picture.
He's such a sweet kid (even if he's 16).  He told me this morning that it was so pretty he just couldn't look away (we were talking about the pretty sunrise this morning, which is why the sunset came up from 2 days ago).

Whew!  What a long post . . . but I have one more thing to add . . .  Vacation eating wasn't kind to me.  Remember I was flirting around with 147-146 last week.  Yesterday morning I was up to 152 . . . ouch!!  I ate very well yesterday and was down to 150 this morning.  Hopefully I continue to go down, I am continuing to eat good, so I shouldn't stay up that high.  Lots of salt, and fried foods . . . not to mention ice cream twice, although I had very little candy (we forgot to buy taffy, who goes to the coast and forgets to buy taffy??).  I actually thought I didn't eat that poorly, but the scale disagrees and I didn't track very good.  Just enough to keep my streak (60 days-although it should be 311 days, it didn't count a day 60 days ago even though I logged in) on alive.

Even with the increased weight, it was a great weekend.  I honestly wouldn't change anything, even my food choices.  =)

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