Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cupcakes and a standing workstation

Today I ate two breakfasts.  I got ready for work my usual way and that includes a cup of coffee and two hard boiled eggs (I've been doing this for a long time now and I still have not gotten tired of eggs, and I am rarely hungry before lunch, when I ate oatmeal every day, I was always hungry around 10am) and I read my newspaper.  I do this every weekday morning, have been for many, many months.

Well, I got to work today and remembered I was supposed to meet a client at Denny's.  I was super uncomfortable going to Denny's and not ordering anything (I thought about coffee, but restaurant coffee is disgusting) so I looked up their omelets.  They had a veggie omelet that looked good, so I got it.  I asked for half an omelet because I really wasn't hungry, and the lady let me get a senior omelet, without the sides (I payed for the sides though, sadly).  Anyway, I ate half the senior omelet and was just so full I couldn't think of eating more.  (It was a really good omelet, although it had a lot of cheese.)

I decided I would just skip lunch today.  I have a hard boiled egg in my lunch bag just in case I get hungry after lunch and I decided that would be fine.  However, at about noon I realized that it was lunch time.  I was not hungry.  I was worrying that I would get hungry later.  So I went to the break room and there were cupcakes there to celebrate someone's birthday, and I ate one.  I didn't even like it, it had some weird cherry filling and was kinda gross, but I ate it.  All because I was "scared" to get hungry.  How silly is that?  I am not usually so stupid.  I am okay with letting myself get hungry, in fact, I'm always proud of it because it means I didn't overeat.  But today I was afraid I'd be hungry and because it was lunch time, I ate.  So stupid.  I don't know the exact calories in that damn cupcake, but I'd say at least 200, I put it into myfitnesspal and randomly choose one that popped up in the search results, I think the one I chose was around 215 calories, all because I was scared.  So incredibly stupid.

I have started standing at work.  Especially when I'm not doing anything work related.  When I get home in the evening lately I can't stand the thought of sitting down, so I tend to pace the house.  I am sick of sitting at least 10 hours a day.  The problem with this is that my desk is not meant to be a standing desk, so I have it jerry-rigged so I can stand and be on it.  =)
what I want

What I have-yes, that's a suitcase
type thing (the laptop carrier)
Everyone that's seen me standing at my desk has commented on it.  My supervisor asked me what I was doing and when I said "standing" he asked "why?"  I just found the way he said it strange.  It is so healthy for you to stand more and not do so much sitting.  I've heard many times that the benefits of an hour of daily exercise are completely wiped away by sitting for more than 8 hours a day, and in fact, even if you exercise, you are more likely to have health problems if you sit all day.  This means that even though I'm at a healthy(ish) weight, eat healthy(ish) and run 3 or 4 times a week for more than 20 min, Chris, who works on his feet all day long, and is overweight, never exercises, and eats a lot more than me, may actually be healthier in the long run than me because I sit so much.  That's sobering.

Speaking of cupcakes ; ) . . . I was talking to a coworker yesterday who has only been here 3 months longer than me.  I mentioned that I have never been at a job where they gave you so much food.  I counted it out and I have had at least 5 lunches catered for me since I started working here.  I've only been here 2 months.  I don't think my last job had that many in the 4 1/2 years I worked there (okay, I take that back, we used to get breakfasts, but those were drug companies that were peddling their drugs to the psychologists). Oh, and those 5 lunches are not counting the donuts or cupcakes that people have brought in.  I am usually pretty good at saying no to the really bad stuff, (donuts are another story) but not today apparently.

An update on my fluctuating weight.  Yesterday I was at 149, the highest I've been in awhile . . . and I completely blame my food choices on Sunday and my period, but mostly my food choices.  Well, today I was down to 148.6.  Okay, so if you really think about it, 148.6 is only 0.4 less than 149, but it's nice to see my old friend 148 again.  I want to be back to 146.X which is where I was on Monday and over the weekend (after one run, I even saw 145.8).  If I'm completely honest I'd like to be at 140 or lower, but I don't think that will ever happen.

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