Thursday, July 24, 2014

This and that

I am still at my parents' house.  I plan to leave Saturday.  I was thinking maybe Friday, but yesterday there was a big storm that rolled through.  It went through fast, but it did soak the wheat, and that means they had to shut down harvest until it dries out.  That was around 3pm last night, and they aren't starting this morning until later.  No one is very happy about it, but at least the lightening didn't start a fire . . . here.  But it means that harvest will go at least an extra day.

Monday I went for a run on my Dad's treadmill.  I moved it into the living room where there is air conditioning (set on high) and did hills.  According to my marathon training I was supposed to do hill work on Tuesday, but because I didn't run over the weekend I decided to take my "official" rest day and do the hills. I have never done hill work before, and was planning on doing it on the hill that I obsessed about in March and April of 2012.  (I was looking for a link specifically about that hill and there are several so I decided not to link any of them.  If you're interested in reading about it you can go to April 2012 and I talk about it all month, from 4/2 to 4/27.)  =)

Anyway, it's not a very long hill, but I was supposed to run at a 5k or 10k pace, 4-5 times.  I set the treadmill to incline of 6 and the pace somewhere around a 8:30 min mile.  I wasn't able to go very long uphill, so they were short "hills" and the whole thing was only 1.16 miles.  I felt that was way to short of a run, so I continued running (slower, with an incline of only 1) for another 3 miles. 

Tuesday I rested.  I have been doing a lot on my feet because I've been  helping my mom with meal preparation and clean up for harvest and I think that has really been bothering my feet.  They have hurt more this week than they have for a long time. (Since before I started rolling and icing everyday and making sure I'm always wearing shoes.)  So because my feet hurt so bad I skipped Tuesday run.

Tuesday I had to go into "town" (Moses Lake) and go to an unemployment class to learn how to make my resume better.  I was told to go to that class at some point, so I was going to go to the one in Mount Vernon, however, the class was offered while I am here, so I called and asked if I could go to one over here, and they said it was okay.  It was pretty interesting and the guy that taught the class looked at my resume and offered to "redo" it for me.  I said sure, so I will call him this afternoon or tomorrow and see if I can go back in to get it.

I decided to get up early yesterday and run outside.  Or maybe I didn't get up early, but I didn't eat or drink any coffee so I could run early.  I did drink one bottle of water (which wasn't enough).  I drove to the mostly flat gravel road that I run on when I'm at my parents' and ran 5 miles, an easy out and back.  I noticed my pace was really slow, just barely under a 10 min/mile, I really think it was a combination of it being early (for me) and running on gravel.  I really think running on gravel is harder than running on a sidewalk, road, or even a hard dirt packed trail. 

I'm not sure what I'm going to do today.  Last night I decided not to run outside, so I didn't push myself this morning to get out early.  But the more I think about the treadmill, the more I dread it.  It's also pretty windy today, so outside running would suck, wind, gravel, and the heat . . .yuck!  I'll probably just run on the treadmill, maybe only 3 miles (which is what I was "supposed" to run yesterday, today is "supposed" to be 4 miles).

Here are some more pictures of my week here.  =)

The view from the top of a hill headed back to my parents' house.  Their house
is a speck on the right side of the picture.
Maddox was fascinated with watching
his pillowpet being washed and dried.
On my parents' bookshelf. =)

Maddox helping Damian mow the
Maddox was fascinated with watching
the guys who came to trim my parents'
trees.  =)

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