Friday, July 11, 2014

Marathon training

Well, not much to report today.  I am still training for a marathon at the end of October.  I'm sorta modifying two different training plans because I'd like to run 26 miles before I actually run the marathon.  I just worry that 20 miles isn't long enough.  6.2 miles seems like a long time to leave up to "chance."  ; ) 

The reason I'm combining two training plans is because I really like this one:
But when I started looked at training plans, I was going to do Hal Higdon's plan and that plan is 18 weeks and the one above is 19.  I'm glad I looked ahead, because I realized if I hadn't modified it, I'd be running 26 miles 2 weeks in a row with no taper at all.  So, I modified it a little.  The plan starts out at running 20 miles the first week, and I was running 25 (or so) miles a week, even the third week (which is where I am) is still under 25 miles, so if I had realize the plan I choose was a 19 week plan, I could have started at week 2, but I didn't. 
I've stayed pretty consistent at 145 lbs.  I'm eating okay, a few indulgences here and there, but not too horribly (we won't talk about our camping trip), I added carbs back, still limited, but it's close (right now) to 70% no carbs, which is actually more than I've had for a while.  What my issue is lately is drinking too much wine in the evening.  I think "I don't have to work tomorrow, I can have one more glass."  Problem is, I'm not working at all, so it becomes a nightly thing instead of a weekend thing. 
We are having a pretty substantial heat wave here.  (Substantial is relative for western WA.)  We haven't had a day under 70 for week, maybe 2, and the forecast for the next week is 80+.  I personally am loving this weather, and since I'm not working, I'm able to run early enough that it's not horribly hot (still around 70) and then I am enjoying Maddox's wading pool the rest of the day. =)
Yesterday we went to Lake Padden for the day.  It was a great day.  There is a trail that goes around the lake that is a little over 2.5 miles and we try to walk it every time we go there.  =)  I didn't take many pictures, but I really liked these that I did take. 


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  1. I"m with you. I have worried about the 'chance/adrenaline' miles that they never put on the training plan. Just doesn't make sense to me. LOL