Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This was an interesting weekend.  Damian always goes to eastern WA for a few weeks in the summer, usually he goes over with my sister who helps my parents out with harvest every year.  However, this year, he had a dentist appt the day after she left, so I decided to take him and stay for the weekend.  I was planning on going home yesterday, but then decided to ask my parents if my Mom wanted help with the cooking and stuff for harvest.  So I'm staying here for the week.

My Dad and Uncle (they farm together) are retiring after this year, so this is the last harvest that my family will ever be a part of.  It's sad to think about, but also overdue for my dad and uncle.  My dad is 66 and my uncle is 70, they are definitely ready for retirement.  I am sad that it's a year before Damian can officially help out with harvest (driving truck) and Maddox won't have any memories of it (or at least not good ones).
Damian driving the bankout wagon (what collects the wheat
from the combine and puts it in the truck)

I am very allergic to wheat, so I don't go into the fields very
often.  I think this is the first time in 20? years or more I've
been this close to the combine.

My cousin's son, Tobias is driving the combine this year.

Tobias, Maddox, and my dad

The view from my parents' front porch

My sister and Maddox in the truck

Emptying the wheat at the elevator
I stayed in the truck, the elevator
is the worst spot for me with my
We (Maddox and I) came over with enough clothes for a hot (90+ degrees) weekend, and now it's supposed to rain tomorrow. (Which is bad for harvest.)  I've already done 3 loads of laundry.  =)  Maddox has his moments with potty training, he flat out doesn't poop in the toilet, and that makes for a  mess that I have to clean (gross!).

I am happy that I brought my running shoes and a few shorts and shirts.  I was thinking I might run over the weekend (I didn't, too hot), but yesterday I pulled my parents treadmill into the room where the air conditioner is and did some hill work (which is what was on my schedule for today) and then ran 3 miles for a total of 4 miles.  It's cooler today, so I thought I'd go run outside, but I got up too late and already it's 10:30 and 80 degrees.  I know others run in 80 degree weather, but I'm not used to it, so I guess I will do it on the treadmill later.  (Which kinda sucks.)

I was talking to my sister about marathon training on Sunday.  I am struggling with plantar faciitis still.  It never totally went away and right before starting the training, I had upped my miles considerably (probably too fast) and aggravated it more, so now it's pretty bad.  She was telling me that maybe I should stop training and let it heal completely and then just do the marathon next year.  I  know she's right, but I don't want to.  I am in complete denial that it won't get worse and it will get better while training.  But I think she's right.  I think right now it's the worse it's ever been, which is really, really hard for me to admit.  (Not to mention that I now have it in both feet, not just one.)  Ugh, I'm super sad.  I actually want to erase that whole paragraph so I don't have to even look at it in writing, that's how in denial I am.  =(

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