Friday, July 18, 2014

Another weekly update

I was planning on doing so much better at writing posts regularly. And then I didn't.  My posts have been a lot of pictures lately, but I feel that is all I have right now.  I'm running, I'm eating well, I haven't gained any weight (well, except for about 5 lbs while we were camping, but that came off in less than a week). 

I am still training for the marathon I want to do in October, which is funny to think about because I am actually running less during the week than I was before I started "official" training.   

Sunday I ran 8 miles, Tuesday was 4, Wednesday was 3, yesterday was supposed to be 4 but we went to Lake Padden again and I ran the trail around the lake.  The trail is only around 2.6 miles, so I did it twice and ended up with a 5 mile run.  We have been going to this lake for many years, and every time we go, we walk around the lake.  I have never run it before yesterday. 

I am not a fan of running that trail.  It is hilly, and since it's only 2.6 miles, if I want any significant distance, I have to do it more than once, and that sucked.  The first time around felt great, the second time around I felt like I was dying.  I am used to all my hills being at the beginning of my run, by the time I am at 3 miles, I'm usually going downhill, or flat.

We went with a bunch of friends to Lake Padden.  We were there for the entire day. Damian had a dentist appt in the morning, and we went right after because it was close.  We didn't get home until 9pm last night.  It was a good day, long, but good.  =)

Today I am taking Damian to my parents house in eastern WA.  He goes over there every year for a couple weeks in the summer.  I don't know how I'm going to get my runs in while he's over there.  I shouldn't have a problem with Wed and Thursday runs because Chris will be home, but Damian watches Maddox for me Tuesday, Saturday, and for my long runs on Sunday, which will be going up this week (again).  This week I'm supposed to run 10 miles, and next week 12.  I'm worried about this week because I'll be in eastern WA, and it's been HOT there (100 degrees or so).  I hate running in the morning and have been trying to get out my door by 9:30 or 10 this summer, but over there, that will still be too late.  10 miles at 7am sounds terrible. 

I had a phone interview this week and I was really hopeful before the interview.  After the interview, not so much.  I still want the job, but there's slim hope of it becoming full-time and they want someone who knows the WAC (Washington Administrative Code) codes for foster care, and I don't.  They are supposed to call back next week to let me know if they want a second interview with me.  Oh, and the office is in Bellevue, which is a good hour and a half away.  I would only have to go to the office 2 times a week, as the job is up in my area, but still, yuck!!

Well, I should go back for my trip east.  I want to leave early so I can avoid the summer weekend traffic over the mountains.  (It gets TERRIBLE.)  I am coming back on Monday to avoid all the Sunday traffic.  I hope you all are having a good summer.  We have been, it has been busy, but it's been nice.  I am soooo far behind in reading everyone's blogs, I was taking a little time everyday to catch up, but I haven't even been on my computer for 2 days or longer.  I will catch up eventually.  =)