Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weight loss, treadmills, and rain . . . and more rain

It's raining here . .. I know, it's western WA, it always rains.  But it's raining so much that we have flood and mudslide warnings.  There's a lot of water right now.  Just letting you know.  =)

It is amazing how motivating losing a little bit of weight is.  I was sick on Sunday.  I wasn't feeling my best on Saturday night, but not the same as on Sunday.  And again Monday morning I still didn't feel all that great.  I barely ate anything Sunday, just some crackers throughout the day and then some chicken noodle soup (Campbell's) that evening after I thought my stomach would hold onto it a little.  Monday morning after my coffee and breakfast I didn't feel too good, so I ate sparingly again.  However, I felt pretty good that evening so I ate a regular dinner.  And I am down 3.4 pounds, which puts me at 146.6.  And now I don't want to eat anything that might make that number jump back up to 150.

I've been at 150 so long I figured I was at the lowest I would get without some major, major changes.  And I haven't been ready to make those changes.  But seeing that number on the scale (147.6 on Monday and 147.0 yesterday) has made me think maybe 140 is a possibility.  And maybe I DO want to make some major changes.  We shall see how the next few weeks go.

I even updated my "Scale Obsession" page with that number.  I am always so worried about actually telling anyone about a big lose because I am scared I'll gain it back and then have to go through the embarrassment of increasing my weight again.  Last year after I went to Disneyland (exactly a year ago this week) I lost 5 lbs, I was too in disbelief that I could lose 5 lbs while on vacation (and really not eating THAT good) that I only recorded a 3 lb lost.  After a couple weeks of staying at the same weight, I finally took off the last 2 lbs on my "official" record. 

I have been stuck at 150(ish-I fluctuate a lot) since 5/24/13.  I saw 149.0 once on June 21st, but I went right back up.  I am going to keep these 3.5 (almost) pounds off . . . I will.  I have to cut back on what I eat, which I have for the last couple days (since Monday when I first saw 147).  The way I feel today about my body is amazing.  I love it.  =)

So, Monday, I mentioned I wasn't feeling very good in the morning.  I was pretty worried about my run.  Then in the afternoon I was feeling fine, so I decided I would definitely do my run.  However, Damian had baseball tryouts and we needed to run to the store and get him baseball shoes because we had forgotten over the weekend (well, that and I was sick).  Tryouts didn't start till 5, but Chris said he was working late, so I was very concerned about getting my run done.  It has gotten so that my treadmill rarely crosses my mind as an option lately.  I haven't run on it in several months.  Finally I remembered that I COULD use my treadmill (Chris had even cleaned the bedroom last week [put away Christmas stuff]).  I decided to run on that. Afterall, I hadn't run since Friday.

I set it up and was waiting for D to get out of the shower (so he could watch Maddox) and noticed funny things happening on the screen.  I couldn't get it to work at all, I reset it half a dozen times and still funny things.  I found the manual and was looking at the "troubleshooting" area, when something caught my eye and I realized the "key" (the magnetic thing you clip one end to your body so if you fall off the treadmill doesn't grind you into dust, but that no one uses) wasn't in its spot.  The cats had carried it off somewhere.  I was trying to figure out if a regular magnet from my fridge would work (it didn't) when I saw it hidden other some other stuff.  Phew!

5 miles on the treadmill sucks.  I hate it.  For some reason, the surge protector that the treadmill and TV were plugged in turned off and then back on, which wiped out my stats on the treadmill.  Luckily I was diligently watching my stats counting down each min (seriously, on the treadmill, I can't help but count down each min) so I knew about where I was.  But then, I was almost done and my finger caught the "key" and wiped out my stats again. So annoying.  I'm thinking of duct taping the key to the treadmill.  Every once in awhile when I get worried about falling I'll think about how I can grab it fast enough if I start to fall, but I know that will never happen (not the falling, but the grabbing). 

Yesterday I didn't particularly want to run in the rain.  It has been pouring-and drizzling heavily- here for the last week or so.  Yesterday was one of those days that when you look outside it doesn't look like it's raining, but when you step outside you realize the drizzle is so fine that you can't see it, but so heavy that you are soaked instantly (only in western WA *sigh).  I hate that kind of "rain,"  I miss big fat drops.  I use to love the rain, and then I moved here and the drizzle that they call rain, sucks.  Anyway, I got to thinking that the treadmill wasn't that bad, I could run on that again.  And then I started thinking about what I actually do on the treadmill (stare at the minutes and miles on the screen) and remembered how horrible it really is.  And then I got on Pinterest and saw this . . .
And realized my thinking was totally ridiculous.  So I went for a run.  And it was perfect.  The drizzle had let up and it was cool outside, but not cold.  I'm so glad I ran (when am I not??).  =)  Today is a rest day, have to tighten up my eating even more for rest day!

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  1. Cathy, I am so proud of you. I wish I could get into running, personally. I simply have no desire. I totally admire those that do, though!