Friday, March 28, 2014


He stole my blanket. =)
I have blisters.  The blisters are so bad on my right big toe that there are at least 5, on top, next to, and on top of two, my entire big toe.  It hurt.  It hurt badly.  I am not sure what is causing them.  I've never had this problem before.  I have been thinking it's because I need new shoes.  I have never gotten blisters when I need new shoes before, but I've also never worn out a pair of shoes that encourages your foot to do a mid foot strike rather than a heel strike.  So there are stages of pain that come with needing a new pair of shoes.  I got shin splints at first, then a weird calf pain, and now blisters on my toes. 

Yesterday I went to buy new shoes and of course they didn't have the ones I wanted in my size.  I had to order them.  =(  So yesterday I wanted to go for a run, I got home and decided to wear some old shoes.  Yes, they are old, yes, the mileage on them is too much.  However, the worse those shoes gave me was shin splints, and I will live with shin splints.  (Blisters suck much more.)

However, I got home and took my shoes and socks off after my 6 mile run and found this:

Yeah, that's bad.  That hurt. There are at least 5 different blisters on that one toe.  5  So now I don't know if it's the shoes, maybe socks?, or maybe the way I am running.  However, I have been running this way for a couple months now, so I don't understand how that could be it. I wonder if it is the way I'm running combined with needing new shoes.  It was feeling and looking better this morning, so that's a good thing, but it felt fine yesterday before my run and look what it turned into.  =(

I don't know what that means for my mileage for March.  I have 4 days left in March and need 17 miles.  I wasn't worried about that until I saw my toe.  I was planning 4 miles today, possibly 5 tomorrow (although I'm going to hang out with my sister and was thinking of not running) but 8 on Sunday and then whatever is left over on Monday.  But now . . . I feel like a couple days off would be good and 8 miles is not good. 

I don't know what I should do . . .

My official weigh in on Wednesday was 147.2.  I don't understand how the exact same number pops up on my "official" weigh in days.  I see all sorts of numbers throughout the week, and then Wednesday comes and it's the exact same.  I find it kind of funny.  =) 

Wednesday was kind of a rough day for me at work.  I spent the entire day with one client at the hospital.  We took a break at lunchtime and I asked her where she wanted to eat so we went to McDonald's.  I don't like McD's, I think it's crap food, but I was starving, so I got a hamburger (quarter pounder) with fries.  I ended up giving most of my fries to my client, but I did eat some.  Then that evening Chris made breakfast burritos.  I love breakfast burritos, I ate one.  With several glasses of wine.  I went to bed feeling bloated and not really good, but I didn't really care.  I expected to be up on Thursday morning.  I actually wanted to see how high I was Wednesday night, so I stepped on the scale before going to bed, which I never do.  When I feel bloated and gross I always prep myself to see a high number.  I told myself "don't worry Cathy 150 is temporary, you just ate, you drank wine, you're over full, it'll be down in the morning."  And it wasn't 150, it was 149.8.  Still not a number I like, but I always feel that's a victory when it's no as high as I prep myself for. 

I was surprised yesterday morning when I stepped on the scale it said 147.4.  Only up 0.2 lbs.  I don't know how that is possible.  So I thought, well, maybe the crap food will show today.  Nope, down to 146.0 this morning.  I don't know.  Strange.  I did eat fairly well yesterday, not great, but small portions (Chris made chicken fettuccine with garlic bread) but I would still expect to be up.

Today I'm getting my car worked on and then I was hoping to do 3.5-4 miles on the treadmill as speed work.  I guess we'll see how I feel about my toe later.


  1. My daughter suffered badly from blisters when she ran and she changed her socks to thorlos and hasn't had a blister since.

    1. Thanks for telling me, I will have to look into them. =)

  2. What's up with this week and blisters??????? I was also told to change my socks......everyone recommended smart wool (which I own, but I've never thought to run with them on)

    1. I can't wear wool, I'm allergic. But thanks MaryFran. =)